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    For Sale  NC: oem running boards, missing 1 bracket, from 2000 LX 470

    $30 but local pick up probably best. thanks!
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    For Sale  NC--oem Roof Rack, 100-series, 2000 LX 470

    original with bolts, could use a respray but functional (i removed myself). $60 obo. in NC, will ship at buyer's expense, thanks!
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    For Sale  NC: 2 Toyota Oil Filters, 15600-41010

    bought these new from Cruiser Parts LLC, only to realize after pulling them out of the deteriorating boxes and trying to put one on that they don't fit my 2000 Lexus lx 470! they have not been used at all, paid $35/per, will sell both for $65 plus shipping. LMK if questions, still have receipt...
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    Getting back in the game--requests for advice/help

    writing to introduce myself--new owner of 364k 2000 Lexus LX470, based out of Winston. I was a member of the club back in the mid 90s when I had a cherry FJ40 with 65k on the clock, and now back in the world of Japanese truck ownership, after spending far too much time with German cars...
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