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  1. petwhookie

    FREE Norcal: OME 2860 medium Rear springs for 80

    SOLD! (or given away for free)
  2. petwhookie

    FREE Norcal: OME 2860 medium Rear springs for 80

    Screw it. Free! Just pay for shipping.
  3. petwhookie

    Air-conditioning drive belt will not stay tightened

    I check the belts by turning/twist it. It should be "tight" by 1/4 of a turn.
  4. petwhookie

    theOGzilla's '92 HDJ81.

    Super clean!
  5. petwhookie

    Dealer UNICORN ALERT - ‘08 Amazon Green (tan interior), No Nav

    Called in.. No service records. Carfax is "clean" but with no maintenance items on file. The Carfax also doesnt show anything about the issues listed above.
  6. petwhookie

    Builds Wits' End Turbo Test Mule #3- no cartwheeling allowed

    You made building cars a full time job. AWESOME
  7. petwhookie

    Wanted YAKIMA 1A tower anchors and round bars

    I have them but they are in California
  8. petwhookie

    For Sale Perfect 80 (for my taste) - Not mine

    He paid $38 in labor to change the headlight bulb :rofl:
  9. petwhookie

    Depo Tail Light Long Term Use?

    I've had mine under water and its still working. 2yrs+
  10. petwhookie

    For Sale Los Altos, NoCal 1995 LC no lockers 130k miles $9500

    This has been on the local CL forums for months! I wonder why it hasn't sold..
  11. petwhookie

    DIY: Seat belt refresh

    I'd love to see a video if you ever get a chance
  12. petwhookie

    2019 Rubithon Wagon Run

    To clarify, is registration for one car? Do passengers need to sign up? I got myself a spot!
  13. petwhookie

    Water leak woes - help needed

    The search for the damp rear carpets.. I took my cowl off. Found that the bottom corner sections of the window sealant were missing so I sealed up the entire windshield via FSM way. I thought I resolved the issue as my driveway is slanted and I suspected the windshield leaked back to the rear...
  14. petwhookie

    Water leak woes - help needed

    @digitalmarker I am having the same issue right now and I’ve noticed my rear door panels might be potentially leaking onto the rear carpets as well. Thank you for the detailed documentation. I’ll post my results once I find my issue.
  15. petwhookie

    Headlights- post up your pictures

    Action shot! Egg 80 : Reptarz on Instagram: “4AM ‍♂️”
  16. petwhookie

    Nor-Cal re-gear shop and Labor costs

    Valley Hybrids quoted me ~$2200 parts and labor for TC regear. Crawler gears and OD
  17. petwhookie

    Trade 97 Triple locked; 272k miles Norcal

    More info posted. More pics coming soon... interior shots, undercarriage etc.
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