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    Stuck thermostat or something else?

    Air in the system...what's going on with the overflow bottle?
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    '95 Replacing Rotors / Calipers & Pads / Inner-Outer Bearings & Seals -- What Else?

    I would do the fluid b4 replacing everything first, so you get nice clean stuff in the new calipers. Also after the bleed and b4 the work, get the antiskid system to operate too...
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    Removing the EGR system

    I read this board all the time but post less nowadays. I see everyone seems to want to delete the egr because of the pesky cel light. Personally I feel the engine will run much better with the egr operating correctly. Especially on the pre obd2. You cannot change what the programming is on the...
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    Intermittent Cranking No Start, Pump Gas Peddle To Start

    Sounds like maybe your iac is not open, could also be the ecu coolant temp sensor
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    Using Up Coolant

    Look at your rear heat lines if you haven't already bypassed them. Mine are rusted bad but only leak during the winter of course. I don't loose fluid during the summer months.
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    Code 22 Question

    Yes, it would cause start issues at any temp. the ecu would default to standard temp of about 70 degrees...after it sees the fault.
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    OBD1 Scangauge Mastertech mts3100

    Those would not help you with obd1, you need the signal processer and the mastertech.
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    Should I be able to blow air through that EGR manifold pass through tube as is?

    If you blow thru the hose coming from the the vsv it should be open, and both lines from the modulator to the intake should be open also
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    Another poor mpg thread.

    Changing them should help, but I mean the female bung or receptacle that is welded into the exhaust manifolds. they rust and leak and need to be cut out and replaced if leaking. I just had them done and cost 125.
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    Another poor mpg thread.

    Check around the o2 sensor bungs for a leak...can reek havoc on your o2 sensors
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    Terrible Vibration at +50MPH

    Could be the seam on the exhaust muffler has split and is vibrating . ask me how I know, I thought I was in big trouble on the highway when it seperated, I thought the cruiser transmission or differential was coming apart.
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    Rough cold start...rough idle for 20 sec, then fine

    Well, you may be able to clean it out from the top access after removing fuel pump but I'm not sure.
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    Rough cold start...rough idle for 20 sec, then fine

    I've seen this b4, not only sediment but also a liquid in the tank besides fuel. you will have to drop the tank and remote the slush and debris. somewhere you got this bad gas. in my prior vehicle that this happened to (my wifes while I was out of town) usually would stall many times for a year...
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    Rough cold start...rough idle for 20 sec, then fine

    I would probably ck the timing first since you are able to get it running
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    CEL code 71 on my 1991 and THIS happened??

    That lower hose could have been leaking a long time so the escaping gases could have melted it. Sometimes with the obd the ecu will not throw a code... I drove around for a year with no cel- even though the computer had a code 71 listed. Now have a cel all the time after I reset it. Obd only...
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    1995 Cruiser EGR Emission issues?

    Yes, the old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" would apply here IMHO. If you break the tube going to it you'll learn all kinds of new curse words fixing that.
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    EGR delete step by step

    Just wondering, why bother with the delete, if you don't have emissions and the truck is running good why delete it. Just get used to the light on, if it's on. There is no performance increase if you delete it.
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    So now my rig is backfiring

    Maybe check the dashpot.
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    No More High Idle on Cold Start

    I have an idea on this that I've been thinking about....see if you ALWAYS have 12 volts on the BATT terminal on the ecu. Maybe you don't have 12 volts there and the ecu continues to reset. You won't have high idle after reseting the ecu
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    No More High Idle on Cold Start

    Any more news on this? Long ski trip.
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