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  1. Monstro Verde

    What wheels are these?

    Hi all, These great rims came with my FJ45 (PO didnt want to sell them with truck but I insisted). I can't find amything about them. Any ideas? Thx
  2. Monstro Verde

    Relocate factory power steering pump

    So I am thinking about adding A/C to the troopy, but it seems that the kits out there expect my power steering pump to be mounted on the LHD/driver's side. My FJ45 is South American and has the factory pump mounted high on the right/passenger's side. Simple enough to reposition the pump with a...
  3. Monstro Verde

    Random fuel delivery issue

    Hi all, I have a 1984 FJ45 with a 2F and stock carb. It occasionally (like after I add carb cleaner to tank, or hit really wicked rut in a Lima road) loses all fuel delivery through what seems to be the main jet. Even at these times, it starts and idles perfectly, and to remove the offending...
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