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  1. Mark Miller

    When did ATRAC come to the 100 Series?

    What year was the first to have ATRAC in 100 / LX?
  2. Mark Miller

    Does the Tacoma have A-TRAC and a rear locker

    I test drove a Tacoma today and wanted to know if these features were available at all for it.
  3. Mark Miller

    Should I Buy a GX470

    I love the LX/200 more than anything, but simply can't afford it. I'm looking at a decent (well-maintained) LX470 with 120k miles on it for $14,500. When I test drove it it didn't blow my hair back, but I just need to make a wise decision. Do y'all like the GX470?
  4. Mark Miller

    For Sale  San Antonio - TLC 200 - 2009 (No Affiliation)

    The silver trim is terrible, but it seems like the price is decent for the miles. Looks like the Carfax checks out as well.
  5. Mark Miller

    Should I not buy a 100 just cause it's an LX470?

    Been looking for a 100 series for a while. Found an LX470 for $15k that has 150k on it. Everything checks out on it - water pump, timing belt, AHC - but I find myself hesitating just because it isn't an actual Cruiser. I know it's the exact same thing but I'm having a hard time with it. Has...
  6. Mark Miller

    Would you buy a 200 with 150k miles on it for $25k?

    New to the 200's. This doesn't seem like a good deal to me. What say you?
  7. Mark Miller

    Wanted  Lexus GX470 (Any Year, Color) - No Nav - Under 200k

    I'm in Dallas but don't mind traveling. Need to have the standard maintenance done - water pump, timing belt. Any year or color, preferably without the NAV. Would be awesome if the AHC was replaced.
  8. Mark Miller

    All Weather Mats for a 62

    Where is the best place to get them?
  9. Mark Miller

    Wanted  Restored FZJ80 to be daily driver

    I am looking for a restored FZJ80 to be a daily driver for me. I prefer stock with no mods. I would prefer lockers but it is not a deal-breaker. Color does not matter.
  10. Mark Miller

    For Sale  1979 FJ40 - Dallas, Texas

    This is mine. See craigslist link below. 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Call or text - 214.679.6403
  11. Mark Miller

    For Sale  1996 FZJ 80 - Dallas

    See link for all info. This is mine. Toyota Land Cruiser - 1996 FZJ80
  12. Mark Miller

    FJ40 Roof

    Where is a good place to get a replacement white roof?
  13. Mark Miller

    Good Liner For 40?

    I have a 40 that needs a good liner applied to the cargo area. Gonna rip out the old rubber one. Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Mark Miller

    Radiator for 96 FZJ80

    My radiator has a big crack in it and my usual mechanic wants $600 for the repair. I have seen some cheap ones online that make me want to just buy one and install it myself. For someone who has very little experience fixing mechanical issues in vehicles, how difficult would this be? Is there...
  15. Mark Miller

    For Sale  1996 Land Cruiser FZJ80 (Dallas, TX)

    I hate to see her go but I think it's time to sell and get something more economical. Plus I still have a 40 and 62. It's a white 96 TLC FZJ80. 260k miles but still runs well. New front seats. Everything in great condition. Pics a few posts below. Around $6k done in repairs/upgrades in the...
  16. Mark Miller

    Losing Motivation To Keep My 80

    I've had it for about a year now. This is the 6th Cruiser that my family has had (currently have a 40, 62, and an 80), but I am very tempted to sell it. It's a 96 with 260k on it. The gas is killing me and it's had a chronic EGR problem. I love Cruisers but it's a bit tempting to sell and just...
  17. Mark Miller

    New 80 Seats in Dallas?

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for where I could get some new seats (or get current seats reupholstered) in Dallas? I know a guy in Houston who wants $1500 for the front two but it seems a bit steep to me.
  18. Mark Miller

    Stalling in the morning

    Nearly every morning on my way to work my 80 stalls in the same spot. I'll be driving and all of a sudden the car will slow down like it's about to die. I push the gas but nothing happens. It proceeds to drive very slowly like this for 10-30 seconds then snaps out of it and is normal again for...
  19. Mark Miller

    News Seats For My 80

    What's the best way to go about either getting new leather seats or getting the current ones redone? I got a quote from one guy that wanted $1,500 just for the front two seats - seems high to me. Any advice?
  20. Mark Miller

    Do 40s have a center diff lock?

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