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  1. Landpimp

    For Sale 100 Series Roof Rack Delete Gutter Molding Covers (P/N 75557-60010)

    yes he did, I got them last week
  2. Landpimp


    All left by someone with the last name Marks..... They just got 2 nice muscle cars I gather, 63 vette and something else.
  3. Landpimp

    For Sale OEM Toyota jerrycans SALE !!!!!!!!

    Lol....these are for free states...or counties Afaik this can has been the same design for 40 years or more, maybe a few minor changes. [ QUOTE="vipergrhd, post: 12682008, member: 23650"] Had to ask is this CARB approved? Very nice piece sir.
  4. Landpimp

    craigslist 1967 FJ45LV

    1 of 1000 made, 1 of 100 left.....
  5. Landpimp

    MUDShip Southern Cruiser Crawl or FJ55 Pig Soiree to WA State

    Thanks so much for the reply, but I ended up letting someone else have the fenders, shipping was stupid high.
  6. Landpimp

    craigslist '66 LV Priced to sell in Bay Area at $85K!

    I have the same Costco floor mats in mine(with original motor) so much copy and pasting... And it's worth while checking if the copypasta are even good anymore... This is a nice gem from the old ebay link..however... " The original cluster with odometer has been replaced and reads 99000...
  7. Landpimp

    Poverty Pack Modifications / Feature Delete Thread

    Henry ......perfect 100! (feel bad it took me this long to notice, I don't get over to 100 series much....missed ya)
  8. Landpimp

    MUDShip Southern Cruiser Crawl or FJ55 Pig Soiree to WA State

    Bump........I know its a long shot :)
  9. Landpimp

    MUDShip  Southern Cruiser Crawl or FJ55 Pig Soiree to WA State

    Need Mudship from the Southern Cruiser Crawl or the FJ55 Pig Soiree to WA State(seattle/tacoma/Spokane(maybe) (tacoma closest) its a pair of NOS FJ40 fenders from Joe. any help would be greatly appreciated and paid for. John
  10. Landpimp

    SOLD NOS Carb Float & Lever

    He has more than 1 I believe.
  11. Landpimp

    SOLD NOS Carb Float & Lever

    I'd take that.
  12. Landpimp

    SOLD NOS FJ40 Dimmer Switch

    PM sent
  13. Landpimp

    Wanted Voltage Regulator for 1964 FJ40

    It was a mid year change, my 64 had a generator originally. I changed it to an alt, all the holes are there for the VR in firewall, minor wiring change was needed...cant remember what I did.
  14. Landpimp

    NOS OEM Radiator Cap W/ Chain

    sure there is :) Just replaced my radiator this weekend, I had the older rad cap with chain on before, so I just took the chain off, put it on the new cap, which has a hole in it( came with OEM radiator) and put the other end on the factory clamp for the overflow hose.......just like I had it...
  15. Landpimp

    craigslist Offy Manifold, Missoula

    looks like it says chevy 292 on it, seeing I don't know much about the Offy' it the same as a F motor? (I dunno)
  16. Landpimp

    For Sale FJ60 ARB Bull bar — brand new

    that should be the old style original ARB bumper for the 60, nice find!
  17. Landpimp

    For Sale Fj40 Ignition electronics

    Looks like a non toyota part, voltage regulator probably. GM, ford ?
  18. Landpimp

    Landcruiser recall 2008-2019 Caveat Emptor "buyer beware!"

    glad I saw this post......i could care less about the recall(just up the wife's life insurance) maybe some deals to be had :D I still drive a 45LV without seatbelts and harpoon steering :hillbilly: Ted was big into Bronco's
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