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    Thorley shorty headers on a pre-05?

    Question here: has anyone installed a set of Thorley Shory headers (562-ss-c) on a pre 05 model? If so, has it been a success? Bought them by accident believing them to be a proper fit! Thanks in advance!
  2. J

    Engine wash

    Just read an article last week about how cars are tastier to rodents thanks to the green revolution. Laws of unintended consequences... LINK
  3. J

    Christmas tree dash lights

    Ryan, strangely enough I used to get that combination of lights before I had the rust and leak around my front windshield repaired. Water would get into the overhead panel and cause those funky chicken dash lights. When it dried out, the lights would go back to normal. Do you have corrosion...
  4. J

    First mod on my 100

    Looks nice! Know if you can get one with an aftermarket wheel warmer? I'm turning into a complete wuss this winter- Reynaud's fingers!
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    Snow driving

    Winter tires are a great investment if you get a good season of snow. Stopping distance alone on slippery and icy surfaces is worth every penny. In addition to a snow scraper/brush, always have a winter safety kit in the truck: blanket; flares; candles; fold-up shovel; tow rope; spare...
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    Another one overheating... this time un Australia

    Some here have suggested increasing water in the water to coolant ratio mix. Water dissipates heat better than glycol. Any chance the fan hub is slipping? Some 80's have added hood vents (link)
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    LX owners who had the AHC removed

    Ripped out the ahc 4+ years ago for a medium OME from Slee with diff drop. Still have to pull the AHC ECU wire (ala Kurt) to kill the blinking light but have gotten used to it. Given every second new thread is AHC related, glad it is gone!
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    Was this a 200 series?

    It looks very similar to the ones Incas does here in Toronto: Armored Toyota Land Cruiser VXR For Sale - INKAS Armored Vehicles, Bulletproof Cars, Special Purpose Vehicles
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    Smell of Gas

    I have the same issue. Tried the silicone fix around the interior rear driver's panel from dominic's post. If I were not flogging Christmas trees for the Boy Scouts this weekend, I would peek in the access under the rear seats to see if the seal is shot and maybe change the sock while I'm at...
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    2000 Land Cruiser Transmission Failure

    +1 And did anyone ever add a A343F Stage 1 Nomad Valve Body? Does it solve that issue?
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    LC vs LX road noise

    I find the LX way quieter than my old '85 LC diesel... and when there are no kids in the back! Seriously, according to this from anal Aussies: LX- Interior noise at constant 80km/h 64.4 dB(A) LC-Interior noise at constant 80km/h 66 dB(A) / 64 dB(A) I cant figure out the 2 numbers...
  12. J

    04 LX470 Shattered Tail Light: What are my Options?

    One on ebay LINK for $135 pls
  13. J

    Dual Battery input needed

    Here is an Aussie Mazda guy who put the battery on the slider with the fridge.
  14. J

    Dual Battery input needed

    I went with the RuffStuff dual (link). I had to cut a bit out so that I could change headlight bulbs. Here is the pic Lots of space left for other stuff later...
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    I had to grind my hood ones out last week...
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Spent Halloween doing a scary easy install of a dual Optima Painless Digital Manager with A RuffStuff Box. Box needed a little modification so I can change headlamps. To fit, had to grind out the old battery hold-down bump and take off part of the fusebox. Didn't install the status indicator...
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    Water Sloshing

    Check this thread - they used weedwacker string to clean them out:
  18. J

    Water Sloshing

    Check the sunroof drains...
  19. J

    Looks like ISIS got some new wheels

    Alberta banned them in 2009. BC in 2010 I believe the hole thing started in Ontario as a reaction to drive-by shootings.
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    Looks like ISIS got some new wheels

    These guys armor 200's and LX570's here in Toronto even though 200's are not sold in Canada by Toyota. They can't even sell them back to average folks domestically... only licensed security and diplomats.
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