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  1. Jay470

    Difficult problem - looking for expert advice.

    I have an odd and seemingly unresolved problem... no matter what I've tried. First things first... I have an FSM, I have used all of my Google superpowers, replacement parts are all OEM (even the replacement tubes, lines, sensors, etc) and now I'm asking for help. The problem: I have a 96...
  2. Jay470

    4Runner Trail wheels on the FZJ80 / LX450 - Anyone done it?

    Hey, I swear I googled and searched first ;-) Anyone running 4Runner Trail wheels on their FZJ80 / LX450? My FJ Cruiser and offroad trailer use these rims and I was trying to see if they worked on the FZJ80 / LX450 and before some wise gentleman suggest trying one of mine that I already have...
  3. Jay470

    For Sale  ARB Fridge Slide

    ARB fridge slide for 37 / 50 qt fridge (used) I bought this with the intention of having it in my LX470. I sold the old girl and bought an FJ Cruiser and now I do not have the space that I want when using the slide so I am selling the slide. Only the slide... Does not include straps, etc...
  4. Jay470

    PWR button on the four speed transmission

    Has anyone been brave enough to test this feature? I assume a jet engine from an SR-71 magically pops up from somewhere (cruises are heavy for a reason) and blasts you to 60 mph .005 seconds faster whilst returning 6 MPG. Does anyone seriously use this?
  5. Jay470

    O'Great LC/LX gurus... Braking system issue on 98' LX

    Jumped into the LX this afternoon, started normally, but the ABS and Battery lights were lit. I stepped on the brake and it goes to the floor without any real resistance. I hear the ABS pump running though... My rig has about 140k on the ODO which puts it in range of other LC/LX with ABS /...
  6. Jay470

    For Sale  LX 470 / LC 100 - Third Row Seats (TX)

    For sale (used) third row seats LX 470 / LC 100 - tan leather in excellent condition (no cracks). $150 - Local pickup only (Magnolia, TX)
  7. Jay470

    For Sale  LX470 - Passenger Side Headlight (TX)

    For sale (used) LX470 passenger side headlight (good condition) no cracks or dings in the glass. $175 will ship at buyers expense. Would consider a possible trade for a dual band (2m/70cm) mobile Ham Radio (not hand held / HT)
  8. Jay470

    For Sale  LX 470 - Running Boards (TX)

    For sale LX470 Running boards with brackets. Good condition, grey color, used but free of any major blemishes. $150.00 OBO. Local pickup only (Magnolia, TX)
  9. Jay470

    So I had my timing belt replaced today (138,444 mi)

    I purchased my LX in Oct and finially had a chance to have the full timing belt service done today. The LX looks good inside and out but it was still on its original TB (138,444 miles). Don't wait until it's to late... Glad I caught mine in time
  10. Jay470

    Houston,TX to Anchorage, AK - to Cruise or not to Cruise?

    I recently acquired a 98' LX, in good mechanical condition, with 131k miles... My dad and I got to talking and we've taken other trips e.g. Moab, Montana, Colorado to go wheeling in different rigs and four wheelers before but Alaska is calling... Here's my dilemma I have an F350 diesel, 4x4...
  11. Jay470

    Fuse box lid - Under the hood

    My ownership of a low mileage (130k) 98' LX470 began a couple of weeks ago and I've been crawling all over, the fairly pristine for its age, rig. I've been lucky enough to find answers to some of my questions in the forms and I extensively used the forums in my quest for the perfect 100 LC /...
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