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  1. chesshircat

    Extent of corrosion?

    Way too much for that truck. I went to LA and drive mine back to va. 0 rust. 6500.00
  2. chesshircat

    What size nuts for Knuckle

    Why do you think you need new nuts? They only torgue to 71 fp. So they shouldn’t be damaged
  3. chesshircat

    Knuckle Rebuild:What grease to use?

    this is what i use. Lithium based.
  4. chesshircat

    Temp gauge

    If you want to spend the coin for high quality stuff the quages above would be good if you can read Celcius and I dig the retro look. I've never had any problems with the chinese crap. If you get an oil pressure guage don't use the plastic line, get a braided line. Make sure whatever guages...
  5. chesshircat

    Temp gauge

    Which ever one you like. They all made by the same little Chinese dude. You can get the Bosch sets cheap at autozone/advance. Good time to do oil pressure too.
  6. chesshircat

    Knuckle parts order help with disc brake conversion plate

    im not familiar with that bracket but it doesn’t seem correct to me. It will set the seal out past the seal surface on the hub.
  7. chesshircat

    Failed Inspection due to Power Steering Gear box Leak.

    They are easy to rebuild just messy. I’d clean it and go back. Never heard of failing for wet steering gear
  8. chesshircat

    Knuckle pre load question

    Use the same shim thickness that was on it assuming nobody already messed them up.
  9. chesshircat

    Where do I find a front differential gasket

    permatex ultra grey is all you need
  10. chesshircat

    Distributor Re Install

    If you think you need more advance pull the dizzy back out and set it back one more tooth
  11. chesshircat

    please help me identify my gearbox

    Has factory PTO. Someone who knows more than me will chime in but i think the diesel and gas have different input shaft splines.
  12. chesshircat

    1987 FJ60 4spd

    The 87 is direct bolt in. Earlier 60’s required ds modifications
  13. chesshircat

    FJ60 Engine Temp (T-Stat)

    As said above, check the installation 1st, sounds like that is your problem. I ran a 180 before and the operating temps weren't high enough.
  14. chesshircat

    2nd Gen 4runner diff lockers

    absolutely, and they can be found for cheap if you look around. I have a 5 or 6 on my floor
  15. chesshircat

    2nd Gen 4runner diff lockers

    elocker is the way to go IMO
  16. chesshircat

    Bracket to fix Shakey Mirror on an 80 Series

    Where can i see more information on your product, i have the shaky mirror fixed with zip ties
  17. chesshircat

    Mismatched rear Leaf springs?

    Yes the ome lift has springs with different archs to compensate for the lean.
  18. chesshircat

    Cross country trip advice

    Take lots of tools and a sleeping bag, i did a lot of wrenching between CA and VA in an 84 FJ60.
  19. chesshircat

    School me on Front Pinon Seals / Bearings

    The pinion nut sets preload on the pinion bearings by crushing the crush sleeve. This is not a specific torque. Needs to be properly set up while off the truck or at least with the axles pulled. You have probably over tightened the nut and this will destroy the pinion bearings. If you...
  20. chesshircat

    elocker double check

    i'm pretty sure there are only 3 versions of the elocker, HP 8' from front of 80 series, LP 9.5 from the rear of 80 series, everything else is LP 8". the gear ratios will vary. they not hard to put in non elocker housing. Try to get the ECU and switch too, works better than relays, i've done...
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