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    LC80 crazy flood crossing!

    Saw this on facebook. HDJ80 traversing deep flooded streets in the Philippines. Snorkel has paid for itself :)
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    Wanted  Stock 100 series torsion bars (Non-AHC)

    Looking for a pair of stock non-AHC torsion bars, shipped to CA 91790
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    Just installed SmartTap flasher relay and LED bulbs

    I have the SmartTap flasher relay on my GT86 and 200 and I love it! When I found out the 100 uses the same relay, I had to get one for it as well. It prevents hyper flashing when using LED bulbs, adds one touch signalling (adjustable), has cool hazard and strobe options and on certain cars, adds...
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    Condenser fan won’t turn on. Fan, fuse and relay all good.

    My condenser fan won’t turn on for some reason. Fan motor itself is okay, as well as the relay. If I connect +12v to the red/black wire of the pressure switch connector, it activates the relay and turns the condenser fan on. If I disconnect the pressure switch, the AC compressor will turn off...
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    Is there a way to keep the center diff unlocked in 4 low? (like the 80 series “pin 7” mod)

    I tried searching but couldn’t find anything. In the 80 you can unplug the 4 low position switch on the transfer case, or do the pin 7 mod. Anybody know how to do it in the 200?
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    98-02 steering racks, are they all interchangeable?

    So there’s a lot of play in the steering wheel of my newly-acquired ‘02 LX470, to the point that it causes the VSC to kick in at curved roads. With the car lifted, there is a lot of play when wiggling the wheel in the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. I already bought new inner and outer tie rods (555)...
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    Aftermarket gauges, let’s see them

    Has anyone fitted aftermarket gauges? I’d like to see where you guys mounted them. I did a search but came up empty. I’d like to precisely monitor coolant temperature. My GEN spec ‘02 LX470 does not support the standard OBD protocol so I have no choice but to install an aftermarket gauge. I’ve...
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    ‘02 LX470 radio wiring help. Don’t have a 22 pin nor the 20 pin connector

    Hey guys I need help figuring out the connections on the radio connectors on my ‘02 LX470. According to Toyodiy it is a GEN spec but I believe it was imported from the Middle East because it has some Arabic writing on the side mirrors and on a plaque in the door jamb. The radio label says it’s...
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    80 and 200 owner, getting my LX470 today! Has some issues

    Hey guys! Ever since my brother bought a 100 series earlier this year, I have been on the lookout for one. I originally wanted a 5 speed manual 1HDT like his HDJ100 as I have been extremely happy with the same engine combo in my 80 but the prices for those have started to go up over here. I...
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    Undercarriage spare tire holder, need help figuring out where this part goes

    Hey guys I just retrofitted the undercarriage spare tire holder on my 80 with factory tailgate-mounted spare. I installed new wheels and tires (set of 5) so I decided I might as well use the original spare and mount it underneath. Anybody know where this part goes and what it’s purpose is? By...
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    HDJ80 - Gas station pump shutting off early when filling up

    Lately I noticed that the gas station pump keeps shutting off early when filling my HDJ80. It’s not a specific pump as I’ve filled up in different stations all with the same result. Usually it stops a couple of ticks below full, sometimes 1/8 below full, but when I filled up yesterday it shut...
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    Recommended tire pressure for KO2 LT285/75/16 116/113R load range C?

    Hey guys, I just put on a new set of BF Goodrich KO2 LT285/75/16 116/113R load range C on my 80. Does anybody know the recommended cold tire pressure for use in an 80? It says on the sidewall max load of 2755 lbs @ 50 psi cold. I previously had Cooper Discoverer STT load range D LT285/75/16 and...
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    Dual battery cable routing? HDJ80

    Hey guys, I'm adding a second battery to my HDJ80 to lessen the load on the main battery during winching. My question is, does anybody know how the negative cable is routed from the battery to the ground point in the engine? It should be grounded on the same point as the main battery, correct...
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    Aftermarket wheels with tapered/conical lug nuts - too little thread engagement?

    To those with aftermarket wheels using conical lug nuts, how many turns does it take before the lug nut stops when turning by hand? I only have 5 turns in the front and around 7 and a half turns in the rear. Doesn't seem to be enough thread engagement in the front. It also doesn't look like an...
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    Manual headlight levelling switch question

    Hey everyone, I upgraded my headlights to the 2012-2015 ones and since the new lights came with levelling motors, I decided to retrofit the manual levelling switch. My 2011 was already prewired for it, I just had to buy the headlight harness for the version with the motors, and also the switch...
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    Where to find switched 12V under the hood?

    Yes I searched, but couldn't find anything. I'm looking for a switched 12v line, preferably under the hood, to trigger a relay I am adding. Should only be hot when key is in position 2 (cluster warning lights on) and not in key position 1 (Accessories position, radio). I could also tap inside...
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    OME Heavy lift caster correction options?

    I had my tie rod ends and steering rod ends replaced and had an alignment done after. Caster came out at 1.10 to 1.43 degrees. This is with OME heavy lift and OME caster correction bushings. Needless to say, the bushings aren't enough to correct the caster. What do I need to do to bring up the...
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    Different front hubs and brakes on the 2016+?

    Hey guys, my dad recently got a 2017 VDJ200 and sold to me his old 2011. We both noticed that the brakes on the 2017 were way stronger. Anyone know what changed? My dad also upgraded the wheels so I decided to borrow his stock wheels since mine had 17s. I noticed that the center caps on the 2016...
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    Help! Unable to adjust brake booster rod

    How do you adjust the push rod on the brake booster? I tried grabbing the splined teeth with pliers while turning the nut but I couldn't get it to budge on both my old booster and my brand new OEM booster. Help!
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    OME 860 with 30mm spacers or OME 863?

    I have a '96 HDJ80 with ARB front bumper, ARB side rails, Piak rear steel bumper, aluminum roof rack. Factory tire carrier with 33" tire on the rear door. OME 851/860 with front and rear MAF 30mm spacers. It just had a very slight stinkbug which I was fine with since it levels out nicely when...
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