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  1. dieseldog

    Ross Perot has passed . . .

    Word out of Dallas is that Ross Perot has slipped this mortal coil. RIP
  2. dieseldog

    Who in the Sam Hill is duklsec02 and why is he/she spamming the forum?

    title says it all--only in english rather than gibberish.
  3. dieseldog

    National Fried Chicken Day!

    Today--Thursday July 6, 2017--is National Fried Chicken Day. Getyousome!
  4. dieseldog

    Abe Vigoda RIP

    Fish has finally left the building.
  5. dieseldog

    Goodbye Meadowlark . . .

    RIP, Sir.
  6. dieseldog

    Sad note: Last of the Navajo Code Talkers dies

    Like the title says--the last of this ground-breaking, heroic group of men has passed away today.
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  8. dieseldog

    "The worst day in the history of the Houston Fire Department"

    Five-alarm motel fire in SW Houston has cost the lives of four Houston firefighters today.
  9. dieseldog

    Good Memorial Day Tribute Most of the operators in the tribute are either DEVGRU or Delta.
  10. dieseldog

    R.I.P. General Norman Schwarzkopf

    Died today, at age 78. Goodbye, Stormin' Norman--you served well and faithfully.
  11. dieseldog

    Boom goes the dynamite in Tuscaloosa!

    WTG A&M!
  12. dieseldog

    'Bama vs. UF game

    OK--all you Bama fans who are googling Sara Beth Hill right now looking for a phone number are just pervs . . .
  13. dieseldog

    POT: That's so last century and should be avoided.

    Seriously, with all the cooking options we have today, why simmer on the stove when you can use a convection oven or a microwave or even the tried and true stand alone slow cooker? Just say NO to
  14. dieseldog

    Penske deal flops; Saturn to be shuttered.

    Check it out: UPDATE 4-GM to close Saturn as sale to Penske collapses - Looks like Saturn is tits up.
  15. dieseldog


    CubeyD, I changed the title just for you C'mon, man. When you gonna post the new TUT?:flipoff2:
  16. dieseldog

    New facebook link in posts

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'd really really like the facebook link icon at the bottom of each and every mud post of mine to go away. Forever. This is the link of which I speak:
  17. dieseldog

    Swimming Hole Must-Haves

    This speaks for itself. While Swimming? - 1911Forum Let the fun begin . . .
  18. dieseldog

    When will Nial start the new TUT?

    Burning question of the moment. When will that fxxxer start the new TUT? Seeing as how he scored the 15,001 and I've closed TUT47.
  19. dieseldog

    For when the Zombies come . . .

    The ginger has your back
  20. dieseldog

    Dinner--It's better than yours

    OK, my wife made me some fresh venison chili, home-made crOnbread from her mama's best recipe, and I'm topping it off with an Abita TurboDog. Game. Set. Match.
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