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  1. 2mountainfish

    Calling all gearing experts!

    I currently have a FJ60 with a good and strong 2F, stock 4 speed and t-case, running 4:11 gears and 33s. I would like to put in a 5 speed to gain a little lower first and of course the 5th gear overdrive. I would also like to change my t-case to 3:1 gearing. My question is, given that it will...
  2. 2mountainfish

    Wanted  2F Header for my 85 FJ60.

    PM me if you have one, thanks. Jerry
  3. 2mountainfish

    For Sale  Refurbished FJ40 (33 spline) steering wheel (SOLD)

    Not perfect , maybe 7 out of 10. New wrap. Ideal for a daily driver. Structurally sound. $175, Shipped to lower 48.
  4. 2mountainfish

    Wanted  1971 FJ40 Brake Booster (4 wheel drum brakes)

    I am working on a 71 FJ40 and I need a working brake booster. The 40 is completely stock and 4 wheel drum brakes. Please PM me if you have one. Thank you.
  5. 2mountainfish

    Saving Another FJ40 Land Cruiser

    Hello All: I am currently driving an FJ60 that I rebuilt from the ground up, thanks to Mud knowledge,(my build thread is in my signature line). Living in a small rural town, word gets around if you know how to work on a Land Cruiser. I was recently contacted by a lady who has a 1971 FJ40 that...
  6. 2mountainfish

    KOH (King of Hammers) 2018 Who's Going?

    Hoping to meet some fellow Cruiserheads this year. I will be in my Camo wrapped 60 ,Feb.3~Feb.6. Look forward to seeing some of you out there.:)
  7. 2mountainfish

    Wanted  OEM FJ62 D/S manual mirror(Found 7/8/17) Thanks.

    Not concerned with the condition of the chrome as long as the glass is clear and tight. PM me or post up here. Thanks. Jerry
  8. 2mountainfish

    FJ60 Rear driveshaft balance!!!

    Has anyone had their rear driveshaft balanced? I had a vibration, so I changed out my u-joints and took the driveshaft to be balanced. Shop said it was bent and would take a lot of weight to balance. I figured that I have dinged it on a few rocks and it must be bent. I got another used one from...
  9. 2mountainfish

    You know you're a 60 owner if........"

    You pump the gas pedal before you start everything you drive:cheers:
  10. 2mountainfish

    Wanted  80 Series A-Pillar grab handles. (Found) Thanks Mud members.

    Need a set, or at least one for the wife (passenger side). She has a hard time getting in to my 60 now that it is lifted. Thanks.
  11. 2mountainfish

    Wanted  1985 2F EGR Valve! (Found)

    I need an EGR valve for my 85 FJ60. The one that is in it works but has a vacuum leak around the shaft that connects to the diaphragm. This causes poor idling and carb adjustments are pointless. the diaphragm itself holds a vacuum, that is not the problem.If you have one that works and want to...
  12. 2mountainfish

    Wanted  found thank you

    I have a 1985 FJ60 and I am in need of a EGR pipe (J-Pipe). This would be the one that connects the exhaust manifold to the EGR cooler. The solid pipe, not the flexible one. Decent condition preferred, as I live in the Republic of Californistan and need all of my smog equipment working.
  13. 2mountainfish

    Saving another FJ60!

    Hello all: Two years ago I picked up my first Landcruiser, joined this forum and have been going forward ever since. The information I have gained has been invaluable. The vendors and other members I have dealt with have been nothing short of awesome. When I found my 60 it was at the end of a...
  14. 2mountainfish

    I want to start a build thread.

    To be clear, even though I am a silver member, I still need 250+ posts before I can post pics of my FJ60 build?
  15. 2mountainfish

    Wanted  FJ60 Vacuum Advance(FOUND)

    Looking for the ever elusive duel diaphram vacuum advance unit for a 85 FJ60. I live in California, so, no smog cert, no drive=no fun. Please help a fellow mud member out. Thanks. Shipping would be to 93513.
  16. 2mountainfish

    Wanted  Stock FJ60 AM/FM Radio Faceplate

    Hello All: Looking for a faceplate for the stock AM/FM radio that came in our rigs. I don't need the radio, just the face plate. Thanks. Jerry
  17. 2mountainfish

    Wanted  FJ60 Hood Release Cable

    Looking for a hood release cable in good condition end to end. Thanks.
  18. 2mountainfish

    For Sale  FJ60 3:73 Thirds Complete

    I have two complete 3:73 fj60 thirds out of an 85. One front, one rear. Pulled out because I re-geared for bigger tires. They are in good shape, pinon seals don't leak, no pitting or irregular gear wear. Unknown mileage,but I put 200 miles on them before removing. They work fine with no unusual...
  19. 2mountainfish

    For Sale  3B Rear main seal:

    I have a brand new Genuine Toyota rear main seal Part#90311-95001 that I will give away for the price of a self addressed stamped envelope. Paying forward a favor done for me. PM me. I will get back as soon as possible.
  20. 2mountainfish

    Thank You:

    Just want to give a shout out to Georg at Valley Hybrids. I have dealt with him on several occasions and he has always gone above and beyond. I spent 30 years in the customer service industry and know what it means to be treated right. If you ever need parts or advice on your FJ, you can't go...
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