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  1. 89BIGBLUE

    Wire size for winch controller relocation

    Good afternoon! I’m thinking of relocating the controller for a SB 9500# winch to the engine compartment of my FJ62. Based on the research I’ve done, I can’t seem to find a clear answer as to what size or gauge wire/cable would be best to use to extend the electrical lines from the controller to...
  2. 89BIGBLUE

    Electrical supplies

    Good afternoon, gentlemen! I’m in wiring mode at the moment, and was wondering where the rest of you go to purchase quality AUTOMOTIVE wiring supplies. Based on the many posts I have read here, I know you guys are using good parts and good tools! Where are you getting them? Looking for...
  3. 89BIGBLUE

    Turn signal flashing speed

    Good afternoon! Over the weekend I put some LED 1156’s (if I remember right) in the front turn signals of my 62, and now the flasher flashes faster...the LEDS work great, but I was curious if anyone else had noticed this, and if anyone might know why it would occur. Would less voltage draw...
  4. 89BIGBLUE


    Good afternoon! Could someone please aim me in the right direction to learn more about joining the High Desert Cruisers club? ...I'm in New Mexico too! I want to play! I would appreciate it. Thank you!
  5. 89BIGBLUE

    89FJ62 Antenna Query

    Greetings! Quick question for those former antenna wrestlers out there: If my electric antenna motor is working, both directions; BUT the UNMOLESTED antenna doesn't move, does that mean a new mast is required? I went to retract it while moving past some branches, and NADA. Any information is...
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