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    Horn relay location

    saw that pic and it made me even MORE confused... what 40 do you know of that ships from the factory with dual batteries. Also, this has to be a Right hand drive fj in that the brake booster is on the wrong side :) so, maybe I should re-ask the question... anyone with a Left hand drive...
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    Horn relay location

    Actually a bit embarrassed to even ask this question… did the frame off, been wheeling it for about 2-3 years… street legal as far as the DMV is concerned… never quite figured out how to put the horn wiring back together :D The other day a lady cut me off and I was SO PISSED and had no...
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    1973 Restoration

    Nice! I am also in Boise... I took a completely different rout on my 73 40 & therefore still have a bunch of parts... Let me know if you need anything.
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    removing axle shafts

    See link below for diagram: There should be a bolt (see #12 in diagram) on the side of the carrier (#11) holding the center pin (#13) & retainer (#14) in place... when you remove #12 you can slide #13 out the bottom (some diffs have grinding done on the gears so you need to look for where it...
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    SBC with NV4500 installation questions

    Here are the major pots for when it left the garage & major updates... includes the snorkel & RamJet differences on MEFI3 & MEFI4 (HUGE DIFFERENCE!).
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    Direction in Idaho

    NWCruisers I am also in Boise but I did all of mine by myself... Check with the local club. I am sure someone either would like to help or knows of someone.
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    SBC with NV4500 installation questions

    I also did a RamJet motor with much of the same components in my 40... I however did the SM465. I am running an electric fan but have a NON stock radiator --- Not an option from my experienece. I just got an alumi rad from Summit but if I did it again I would go with the double fan made for...
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    Advice: 454 Chevy/cruiser Drivetrain

    Darrel is your guy! If you really want to know... ask someone who a) knows a lot about it and b) who has done it before... Darrel in Idaho has a HUGE big block in his 40 ~840 hp. Here is the link
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    FJ55 & FJ40 rear axle shaft compatibility

    Will the rear axle shafts from a 75 FJ55 (no races on shaft version) work in a 73 FJ40 (races on the axle shafts version). Some say that the bearing size is different on these but I would really like to know the answer to this BEFORE I need them on the trail
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    Bushings help - 40 w/ 55 springs

    Nope... spring eyes on 55 springs are bigger
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    Bushings help - 40 w/ 55 springs

    did the search... swapping in 55 springs on the front of my 40… looking for poly bushings part number… Is it the SOR 289-55-A’s B’s or C’s Doing the math looks like it would be the A’s but do not want to throw money away… Thought I got this information from here before but could not find it...
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    This Blows

    ditto on the specs of this set-up... asked a few people how & they told me it could not be done ::) thanks in advance...
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    Seeking Wisdom

    for the removal I did it myself... not a good idea but it was late & needed it done... for the install where you do not want the bottom you just painted to get messed up use at least 4 guys. one suggestion, drop the wheels so you are only lifting waist high... much easier.
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    Hard Tops

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    Hard Tops

    Second one
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    Hard Tops

    I can now take mine off & put it on again with one person and a power drill... I put pullies on garage beam & purchased a hand winch from Harbor. used chain & some tube left over from the cage. Even made side holders for the doors -- works like a charm and I can walk under it without...
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    Highway speeds

    First of all, that flat windshield makes it a bit scary to go over 65 anyway... that being said, I found out how to make mine go over 55 :D :D :D a) RamJet 350 b) SM465 c) 38.5 x 14.5 swampers d) A GOOD radiator & ladder bar Kind of a waste to throw this at trying to go slow but the FI works...
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    Air filter and snorkel combo's

    Here is the post on Pirate of my snorkel... we kind of had fun with the post at the end but it has all of my pics... hope it helps :D
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    SOA - the definitive guide...

    Brian, Great job... I would have loved something like this when I was doing mine! This is great informaiton.
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    radiator, snorkel & nose guard

    the bars that come down in front did NOT come with the kit... I just put those together in that I did not want the nose guard to fold if I did an endo or hit it wrong (just adds more support to the solution). Would have been nice to know what winch I was going to install so I could have done...
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