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  1. tglaser

    For Sale  FJ40 Front Seats - Austin, Texas

    Have a set of front seats that I believe are out of a ‘79 FJ40. Planned to use them in my cruiser but ended up going different route. Price is $400; preference to locals, don’t want to ship unless necessary. Email at tglaser2 @ Gmail, or text @ 512 757 1664
  2. tglaser

    Wanted  Aussie Style FJ40 Brushguard

    Spoke to Man a Fre today - they discontinued these bumpers a couple of months ago. Does anyone have one or something similar they'd like to sell? Interested in fabricating one? I'm located in Austin, TX.
  3. tglaser

    Wanted  FJ40 Front Bezel '58-78 Central TX

    Need a front bezel for my 69 FJ40. Good shape hopefully, but I don't mind painting it. I believe compatible years are 1958-78. In Austin, TX. Let me know what you've got.
  4. tglaser

    Super Swamper TSL SXII

    Anyone run a set of these? Thinking about ordering a set, but think they may fall too far in the tall / skinny direction. Sizes I'm interested in are 33 9.5 and 35 10. Pics obviously appreciated
  5. tglaser

    Part ID Help

    Anyone know the name / part number for this hose? It's from a '69 FJ40, goes under passenger side dash near heater, and is part of radiator fluid system. Couldn't find it on any of the parts sites - any idea where to source a few extras? Thx!
  6. tglaser

    Wanted  Electronic Dizzy, Igniter & Coil Setup

    Looking for electronic distributor, coil and igniter setup for my 1F 1969 FJ40. Had a set from a '78 2F installed - worn out and need another. Want to keep it Toyota, so please contact me if you have one in good working condition from a '78 or newer 2F engine. Either PM here or text at...
  7. tglaser

    Texas Cruiser needs a little Help

    Long story but I'm about 3000 miles into a 5000 mile trip in my FJ40 - drove from Austin to CA and all the way down to Cabo and back and plan to hit the border going north sometime before dark today. So far it's been one of the best decisions I've made - imagine it'll continue that way. I'm...
  8. tglaser

    Real time Turn Signal Issue - Driving through Baja

    Morning. I'm on a road trip through Baja by way of Austin Texas and just yesterday ran into some turn signal problems. Neither side works at all Did a quick search and found 4 pages of results - looks like a common issue but not finding an answer to mine. Info so far: 1969 FJ40 Checked and...
  9. tglaser

    Wanted  Roof Rack - FJ40

    Hey fellas - looking for a roof rack for the 40 - hopefully one with a bottom. Leaving for Baja in a month or so and need space for extra spare, etc. If you have mounts - great - if not, PM me anyway. I'm in Austin Texas and can pay for shipping. Cheers. :beer: Tompall
  10. tglaser

    Wanted  Late model factory FJ40 seats - Texas

    Need a set of late model factory seats and mounting brackets - hopefully in good shape. I'm in central Texas and am willing to travel a reasonable distance. PM me or email me at tglaser2 at Many thanks.
  11. tglaser

    Expedition prep - Latin America - Step 1

    Expedition prep - Latin America - Step 1 Rig Selection Ok guys. I'm 28. And I've been dreaming of roaming for an indeterminate amount of time through Latin America for a solid 10 years...there's just something about the wonderful hospitality of the locals, the awe-inspiring landscapes and the...
  12. tglaser

    Wanted  69FJ40 Front Fog Lights

    69FJ40 Front Parking Lights Anyone know where I can find a good set of these? May 69 production date. Many thanks! T. Glaser tglaser2 at gmail dot com
  13. tglaser

    Wanted  WTB Accel Linkage Spring for 3/69 to 9/69 2BBL Carb

    I know the chances are slim...but I need a spring for the accelerator linkage for a 3/69 to 9/69 2BBL carb. And before you ask, I have already tried multiple replacement springs from local hardware stores and none seem to bring the linkage back to the original position. See pic...
  14. tglaser

    Wanted  WTB: 1968-9/73 FJ40 Gas Pedal

    I need only the gas pedal (not entire assbly) for a 1968-9/73 FJ40. A used one from $OR is about $50 shipped to give an idea for pricing. PM me or email me at tglaser2 at Many thanks! :cheers:
  15. tglaser

    Vehicle ID plate - engine bay?

    Between May of 1969 and November of 2007 some numbnuts made it impossible to read nameplate info mounted inside the engine bay...looks like a heavy wire wheel got ahold of it. :doh: So here's the question - Can I determine the factory paint color another way? More of a curiosity than...
  16. tglaser

    69 FJ40 - Stock info

    I've looked and searched for too long. Guess I'll break down and ask... #1 Which turn signals are stock for a 1969 FJ40, round or rectangular? #2 What gauge steel should I use when replacing rear quarters for said 69? #3 Where can I find photos of 40s in their natural (stock) state? Links...
  17. tglaser

    WTT: FJ40 2.5" HFS springs for 4" springs

    Note: I posted this in the wanted section as well in case anyone has a set they'd like to sell. I am looking to swap out my current HFS 2.5" springs and shocks for a set of 4" springs. I'm open to trade/cash swap, just want to be able to put my 34s on. :cool: My springs and shocks are...
  18. tglaser

    Wanted  WANTED: FJ40 4" Lift Springs

    I am looking to swap out my current HFS 2.5" springs for a set of 4" springs. I'm open to trade/cash swap, just want to be able to put my 34s on. :cool: Send me info on what you have and your price and we'll make it work. PM me on here or you can reach me at tglaser2 at Many...
  19. tglaser

    Wanted  1981-87 FJ60 dizzy, igniter,side cover

    Looking for a 1981-87 FJ60 dizzy, igniter, side cover for my FJ40...the less wear and tear the better. PM me on here or reply to the post. Many thanks!
  20. tglaser

    Exhuast smoke?

    You know at first I thought I'd try to hold off on the stupid questions - most folks probably have better things to do etc - but then I figured What the heck?! Maybe a few don't... ;) I've had my cruiser for 22 days (who's counting?) and drive it just about every night when I get home. Of...
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