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  1. ToothDr

    300 Series Picture Thread

    Great pics. Is that a 60 series I see in pic #4? We’re getting screwed here in the USA. That GR sport is a sweet ride.
  2. ToothDr

    Steering column telescopic gear broken

    Is this part/gear/motor not available from Toyota?
  3. ToothDr

    Replacing 2021 cupholder

    Or the Middle East, Australia, Russia and the rest of the planet.
  4. ToothDr

    Replacing 2021 cupholder

    Americans and cup holders. I don’t get it. You bought a truck designed for a world market. Good luck with your mods. Btw my cup holders don’t rattle.
  5. ToothDr

    Fuel pump recall

    Click on the link from post #2 in this thread.
  6. ToothDr

    2019 LC200 alternates

    Getting car sick from a 200 series due to ride quality. Replace the 200 ASAP.
  7. ToothDr

    2021 Cruiser Engine Crazing

    Same with my 2021
  8. ToothDr

    Thinking of selling my 2020 HE

    The Land Cruiser is Toyotas best product. Tough to be a halo truck that enhances the brand when 99% of the US population doesn’t know what it is or if they have heard the name say “ they still make those”. That’s here in suv heavy Colorado. I do hope they bring the 300 cruiser back to the...
  9. ToothDr

    Thinking of selling my 2020 HE

    The slow death of the Land Cruiser started with the introduction for the LX 450 in 1996. That’s the price point competitor, not the Sequoia.
  10. ToothDr

    Thinking of selling my 2020 HE

    No big fat profit for Toyota. 10K units is nothing. EPA and DOT regulations for getting a truck approved to sell in the USA is significant. The Lexus variant of the 300 will be the successor to the land cruiser in the USA. Sad on a certain level that Toyota let the truck that made them who they...
  11. ToothDr

    annoying things after 7mos and 3500miles on my 21HE

    First world problems. You’re driving a truck designed for pretty much every country on the planet except the USA. It‘s a SUV icon with many quirks.
  12. ToothDr

    annoying things after 7mos and 3500miles on my 21HE

    Toyota doesn’t design land cruisers for the USA market. It’s a World platform that demands design with many markets in mind. The USA is an after thought And has been for sometime. We were fortunate to get the land cruiser for as long as we did.
  13. ToothDr

    annoying things after 7mos and 3500miles on my 21HE

    1. No refresh available for your 21. Disconnecting the battery will do nothing. Try the etc button as mentioned. 2. Hmm. Don’t know what to say about this one. Put more miles on the truck. I’ve not had this issue. First land cruiser ? 3. This is a 6000 lbs land tank. You do need really step on...
  14. ToothDr

    First LC

    You don’t have a PHH or pesky heater hose. That being said I’ll replace as much old rubber under the hood as possible. Starting with anything that has coolant on the inside.
  15. ToothDr

    First LC

    Dusty but very clean/intact engine bay. You still have the red cooling fan sticker on the fan duct, nice. Lots of info on mud about baselining your truck. 91 or 92?. congrats!
  16. ToothDr

    IDA in NY/NJ

    Yup. 200 series. The LX kind
  17. ToothDr

    HELP!? What is happening and what should the cost be?

    Get a second opinion at a quality independent shop.
  18. ToothDr

    Should I buy?

    That’s a hard pass.
  19. ToothDr


    Is Cruiser Dan running premium fuel only in his 80 series? Congrats on the low mileage original owner 80 series even if it is Emerald Green.
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