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    whats that smell?

    has anyone out there had this problem? ??? every once in a while when i start my cruiser i get this little puff of air in the passenger side compartment and it smells like, well you get the picture. any thoughts would be appreciated thanks :cheers:
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    a newfound vibration

    i was finally able to install my new/used springs this weekend :D (thanks theferg for the springs) now i have got this vibration that comes on about 30mph and either goes away or is not as noticeable around 60mph. it only seems to do it when the drivetrain is in gear it will go away when i put...
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    2f power? is it possible?

    ok here is the scoop, i've got a 82 fj60 with a 2f that has a lot of miles 192k is there any hope? ??? this past weekend i pulled some waverunners to a local lake i dont think i did over 55 other than going down hill and i wont even comment on the up hill part of it, i guess my question to all...
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    vacuum advance?

    i have got an 82 fj60 with a 32/36 weber carb and before i installed the weber the PO had some old holley that he had rigged up ???, but anyway the question that i have is on my vacuum advance on the distrubutor there are two vacuum ports on the vacuum anvance and the PO once again installed a T...
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    60 spring over steering?

    i know that this topic has probably been beat to death but i have been reading many articles on springover conversions and i think that i am almost ready to do mine on my 60. the only shady area that i am concened with is the steering. :dunno: i have read the articles from this website and i...
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