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    Ironman Snorkel Install

    Any chance you still have the original photo of the modified antenna bracket to make the snorkle fit ?
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    How to remove the tailgate plastic flap on LX470

    Anybody have any step by step instruction or YouTube videos on how to remove the plastic tailgate flap on the LX470 ? Thank you in advance.
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    TJM T17 Bumper is coming Back!

    The "fog light" bulb.
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    TJM T17 Bumper is coming Back!

    Anybody that upgraded their T17 bumper lights to LED got issues of the plastic lamp housing melting? I heard that it is an issues that some had experienced.
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    Which year LX470 have forged or cast wheels ?

    Do we know if all Lx470 wheels are forged wheels or are they all cast wheels ? Are there any specific years for specific wheels type ?
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    Winch installation with battery on/off switch

    Thank you for the info, the winch manufacturer recommend a 500amp switch and the Blue Sea 3000 can handle 600amp, would this be adequate ?
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    Winch installation with battery on/off switch

    Can you use 2AWG battery cable with 3/8" battery terminal with the Blue Sea 3000 ?
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    TJM T17 Bumper is coming Back!

    There will be an extremely exciting and excellent news coming from TJM sometime next year for our 100 series. Better start saving the coins now :)
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    TJM T17 Bumper is coming Back!

    Just finished installing mine over the weekend. There is a ComeUp winch in there as well. The ConneUp winch solenoid definitely WILL NOT fit inside the bumper. I will have to fabricate a small bracket to mount the solenoid.
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    Show us how you sticker/decal your 100/LX470

    I know each owner has their unique sticker set that they decorate their 100/LX470 with. Lets share and show off your stickers and better yet a gnarly experience/story on how and why you decided to stick those vinyl on your truck.
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    iSi bike rack

    Just got mine in 3 days ago, yes it is BURLY !
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    How weird will my LX470 look with BIOR rear bumper with Tire carrier and no front bumper?

    What mount do you have on your roof rack to hold the fire extinguisher and those rotopaxes ? I am looking for a similar setup, what brand roof rack you got there ? Thanks :)
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    Coastal offroad sliders and AHC

    yes, that is a great idea and with my current AHC setup, I doubt I can use all the 3 feet. I know that everybody uses 3 munting feet/points for non AHC vehicle and 2 for AHC. I wonder if there's any compromise in flex and strength on 3 vs 2. I bet the non AHC 3 feet sliders will be more robust...
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    Coastal offroad sliders and AHC

    Here are the 2x pics from their product page.
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    Coastal offroad sliders and AHC

    Anybody have Coastal Offroad kit sliders on their LX470 with AHC ? I think this slider set is not using U bolt and you have to weld this directly to the chasis ? If so I dont think it will be compatible with AHC ?
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    Ironman 4x4 recovery points installation - what am I missing?

    How do you manage to get the stock tow point bolts off ? also, I assume these will fit the rear as well as the bolt spacing should to be the same ??
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    iSi bike rack

    I cant wait to get mine. How do you guys secure the bike hitch and bikes from theft ? any tips?
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    TJM T17 and ComeUp 12.5

    Any update on this ? I think it should fit length wised but not height wised ? anybody can confirm this ?
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    Front bumper TJM vs ARB

    I think we were in the same conundrum. Jsut last week I was going through either getting the TJ13 or TJ17. I decided to go with the TJ17 due to my needs. TJ17 is one of TJM most popular product and unfortunately they are all sold out now until the next batch.
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