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  1. Mattman

    77 Dodge D100

    Just discovered this forum and, why not. I wasn't looking last November when I ran across this little orphaned family owned truck. "Uncle Paulino" owned it since new and it was sitting in a storage yard since 2004. Got it running and driving, rebuilt and lowered the...
  2. Mattman

    M-416 Trailer build

    Here's a link to my trailer build that I just finished...
  3. Mattman

    Another M-416

    No fancy build thread here. Just a fun little project I thought I'd share. I picked up this trailer last year. It was found as an M-762 actually, the flatbed variant of the military M-416 quarter ton trailer. I located it here in the Phoenix area. Later I found a M-416 tub in Tucson that...
  4. Mattman

    Mudship Phx to Las Cruces NM 20ft car hauler

    Deadheading from Phoenix I-10 via Tucson on 12/24 to Las Cruces (El Paso, Tx area) with a 20ft tilt with a winch and car straps. Don't really want to go more than 6000lb max. I'll be loaded coming back 12/26 but I'll have room for parts-bumpers-wheels/tires etc. if anyone needs anything.
  5. Mattman

    MUDShip  Phoenix AZ to Las Cruces NM departing 12/24 I-10 via Tucson 20ft car hauler

    I'm dead heading to Las Cruces (El Paso TX area) with a 20ft tilt deck flat bed with winch and car straps. I wouldn't want to take much more than 6000 lbs. Returning 12/26 loaded but with a little space for parts-bumpers-wheels/tires etc.
  6. Mattman

    Off Road Camping Expo in Payson. Anyone going???
  7. Mattman

    Mudship AZ-NM-AZ

    On a trip this week and will be on a route from Flagstaff to Las Cruces then back to the Phoenix area. I will be travelling there via the White Mountains/Socorro NM route and I-10 through Tucson on the return. If anyone needs anything small transported, shoot me a message. I have all the rear...
  8. Mattman

    Poser Stand by Rough Country

    We always joke about our poser pics, but this takes it to another level!!! :rolleyes:
  9. Mattman

    Live music in Tempe.

    :rimshot: Here we go again. 12 hours of live music in Tempe this coming Saturday. My band plays at 4:10pm. Would love to see a CSC presence! Shady Park at University and Mill
  10. Mattman

    Live music anyone? 10/29/16 Tempe

    @Cruddz and @murf suggested I post... :rimshot: For you lovers of local rock music, my band The Bovine Fury is playing at "Timeout Lounge" in Tempe tomorrow night, Oct 29th. I'm not familiar with the venue or the other bands but we play original progressive rock and I believe the other bands...
  11. Mattman

    For Sale  AZ Thule load bars and gutter mounts

    Two 50 inch load bars and four 300 (I believe)locking gutter clamps. In good shape, key included. $150.00 I can ship, buyer pays for the ride.
  12. Mattman

    Good driveline shop in Phoenix if anyone is looking

    So I asked around and did some google searches for driveline work. I had a gnarly vibration after my OME lift. I suspected U-Joints. Long story short, I had a badly bent rear driveshaft that really started talking after the angle change. There's a place called Maestro Muffler and...
  13. Mattman

    For Sale  Defender Roof Rack in Arizona

    SOLD! It was previously on my 80 series. It's 58 long by 55 wide and very heavy duty. It has two shovel/axe mounts. I have hi-lift jack offset mounts that come with it but are not pictured. It comes with the gutter clamps (homemade). $300 OBO Will trade for Thule or Yakima load bars with...
  14. Mattman

    For Sale  2000 4Runner 2WD 4cyl in Phx AZ area

    SOLD. Selling this clean 4runner. Auto, 2.4L 4cyl, power windows & locks, tilt wheel and cruise control. It is completely stock. Still has the original windshield. Interior is near perfect, body is pretty clean. It has a couple scuffs and the rear bumper is dented. New tires, new...
  15. Mattman

    Kudos to Murf and the CBT team

    I'm probably just preaching to the choir here but I wanted to extend my thanks to @murf and his crew in the shop. I just barely met these guys and felt like an old friend in need of a helping hand. With a grenaded front differential and a tight budget, I reached out to Eric Murphy for help...
  16. Mattman

    Need anything shipped? Going from Phx to Dallas and back

    Going to Dallas (Burleson actually) and right back to Phx in the next week or so to pick up a piece of equipment. I have a full size short bed empty both ways if anyone is shipping or needs something picked up along the way. Going I-10 to I-20 route.
  17. Mattman

    For Sale  80 Series factory roof rack in AZ

    It's in good shape from a '95. It is missing one of the crossbars and one of the little cups that the crossbar mounts in. Looking for best offer, not expecting much so throw a number at me. Local pickup, located in Glendale, AZ. Would also trade + cash for small bits or pieces for an 80...
  18. Mattman

    For Sale  80 Series Dash Mat

    Dashmat brand dash cover. It's less than a month old. It's really nice but I decided I don't need it. I paid $35. I'll sell for $30 shipped to CONUS
  19. Mattman

    For Sale  Rear storage platform for 80 Series

    This platform was built to serve as a storage/sleeping platform for my '95 80 Series but I decided to go another direction. I had intended to carpet the whole unit. It was built to accommodate a 285/75-16 underneath. It includes two new piano hinges still in the wrappers for the side storage...
  20. Mattman

    For Sale  Smittybilt Nerf Bars

    SmittyBilt nerf bars. Used, good condition. $75.00. Local pickup only please. I'm in Glendale, AZ. PM me for info. Thanks!
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