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    Diehard PM-1 Battery is tired... need a replacement

    I've been running this battery for +6 years and it seems to be discharging on its own (unplugged from car). The closest replacement I can find is the Odyssey 31M-PC2150. Posts are slightly different but man is it expensive ($400). I don't do any overlanding or camping... I just need something...
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    Alternator Bad - Timing Belt Time?

    Looking for some advice... My alternator just went out on my '08 GX470 with 85,500 miles. My timing belt replacement is due in the next 6 months. So, should I just bite the bullet and do the alternator and the belt at the same time? Looking at timing belt replacement procedure, it looks...
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    FZJ80 in 2015 Ultimate Adventure

    I've been selected top 12 for the 2015 Ultimate Adventure. Support would be appreciated. I think the only way to comment is through Facebook.
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    For Sale  fj80 sunroof and leather seats

    Sunroof - $100 obo Perfect working order. Only removed to make room for a cage. Gray/Blue (?) Leather power front seats - $200 obo Perfect working order. Driver's seat has LandTank brackets to allow increase leg room. Leather has cracking but no tears. Also, the seat belt receptacle has...
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    Intermittent BRAKE Dash Light

    My BRAKE light on the dash has been coming on occasionally. It seems to happen randomly during bumps, braking, and hard acceleration. I thought it was the switch on the Parking Brake, so I unplugged it. The condition continues. What other things can cause the light to come on? I didn't...
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    What is Level?

    After chopping my 80, I've been battling to find the right setup to maker her level. Most people determine level/lift by measuring the distance between the center of the wheel and the fender. The problem I have is that I've trimmed my front fenders. What is the best way to determine level...
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    Wanted  80 Drivers Seat Manual Slider

    Like the title says, I'm looking for the manual seat sliders for my 80. Let me know if you have something, Dave
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    Metaltech Lower Control Arms

    I saw these in a magazine the other day: Anybody have them? Thoughts? I'm running the SLEE 4" lift. I have some ghetto armor (angle iron) on my stock lowers.
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    DTC 024 - Intake Air Temp Sensor

    Every once in a while I get a CEL. Before it used to happen on cold mornings, yesterday it happened while driving down the freeway on a warm day. When I check it after the fact, I get DTC 024. "Intake Air temperature sensor open or short" Every time I check the sensor, it reads normal...
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    Warn 9.5xp Overhaul

    I recently embarked on an overhaul of my Warn 9.5xp winch. There were quite a few lessons learned (some painful), so I thought I would share. Why did I overhaul my winch? Over the last 3 years, the winch has been submerged numerous times (once even operated submerged). I bent up the...
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    For Sale  FJ80 SLEE Interior Tire Mount

    SOLD aka The SLEE Stripper Pole UPDATED - No local takers, so I'm willing to ship $120 + shipping - Pole Mounting, mounting HW, tire attachment, lug nuts, and 2 mounting attachments Notes on shipping: The pole will be wrapped in thin plastic. Each end will have cardboard wrapped around it...
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    Builds  UWdave's Build - Mods & Chop

    Now that I’ve chopped my rig, I felt it was time to create a build thread. Starting from the beginning... It all started in late Winter ‘09. After a couple of years of autocross, I was annoyed by the atmosphere and learned I was more into the car work than the driving. I had a buddy into...
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    Rear Springs for Chop

    I just gone done chopping my 80 and my rear lift is too high. I'm not sure of my weights yet, but I took some measurements. Distance from center hub to highest point on fender opening: Front: 23.75 driver / 24.0 passenger Rear: 25.0 driver / 25.5 passenger Vehicle info is in my...
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    FREE - 80 stock gears and hitch

    I have a few items I thought I would offer to the board before I scrap them. Local only - Seattle/Tacoma area. OEM hitch/reciever - GONE Front Stock 4.10 gears - GONE Rear Stock 4.10 gears - GONE Air Conditioner Pump bracket Rear heater core - GONE
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    Flat Bed Towing an Automatic

    Being new to towing cars on flatbeds, I've been asking a few people about how they configure the brakes/driveline for towing on a flatbed. Everybody seems to agree that: A) Retainers (straps/chains) should be strong enough to prevent a rig without any brakes from moving. B) Never tighten the...
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    Brake Rotor Dust Shield

    What are the consequences of running without the brake rotor dust shield? Are they mean to keep brake dust off your car or road dust off your brakes? For the third time in a year, I had a rock get lodged between the shield and the rotor. I can't stand the squealing so I have to remove the...
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    Wanted  80 Manual Seats

    Looking for a cheap set of 80 front manual seats. Playing with the idea to save weight. I don't care about material or color. Any condition will be considered. Let me know if you have something. Thanks,
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    Holy heavy seats...

    Last week I installed a set of LandTank seat extensions. Holy crap these powered seats are heavy! (brackets are nice too, love the room) I've removed my far share of car seats, but this was my first powered seat. I was shocked. I find it hard to gauge the weight of large odd shaped objects...
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    Steering off after rock play

    So I spent a little time on the rock in my last outing. At one point I really had to reef on the steering wheel. Well, when I got to the road I noticed my wheel was now 15deg clockwise when going straight. Front & rear links/arms - Look good. No bends. Everything looks normal...
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    Aftermarket oil pressure sender

    I'm installing coolant temp and oil pressure gauges. Summit Racing SUM-G2888 - Summit Racing® Electrical Analog Gauge Kits - Overview - coolant temp sender 1/8-27 npt ???? oil pressure 1/8-27 npt???? For the coolant sender, I'll be using the below adapter in my upper radiator...
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