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  1. Vitek

    For Sale  WTS: LJ/KZJ transmission input shaft

    Hi, I bought a bunch of parts in a bulk deal, this came as an extra but I only have H series transmissions, so up for grabs. Brand new in box, part number is: 33301-35050 NLA from Toyota Asking for 220 usd shipped Some other small bits and pieces, list is in Hungarian, but anyway here we...
  2. Vitek

    For Sale  Hzj74, a no compromise build, biggest money pit ever? EU

    Hi, I am advertising this car for a friend. He has a very serious collection of Land cruisers (around 20 immaculate cars 40/60/70/80 series) and trimming out some of it. This car was built for him a few years back as an overland/off road/ hunting vehicle, by reputable Hungarian land cruiser...
  3. Vitek

    Wanted  80 series shifter console, licence plate bracket

    Hi I am looking for: -auto shifter console, the 95-97 version in grey -licence plate bracket for the OEM winch bumper version Money is ready via paypal, needs to be shipped to Europe, i cover the costs ofc. Let me know!
  4. Vitek

    For Sale  80 series dual filler, sub gauge, solenoids etc EU

    Hey, Had these for myself, but I was lucky enough to buy a complete car with subtank recently, so this is up for grabs. What you get: - sub tank gauge - sunvisors - button for the dashboard (pre 95 version) - dual filler neck with attachement to the body - solenoids with their frame and wiring...
  5. Vitek

    Partsouq issue with hj61 vin?

    Hi, I have around 30 vins saved from various cars to make my life simplier when ordering from Partsouq. Recently a previously working VIN become "unrecognizable" for partsouq, amayama, megazip etc. The vin is: JT1W0HJ6100951818 ToyoDIY still recognizes it and partsouq used to also, but not...
  6. Vitek

    Wanted  80 series center console lid grey, rear hatch lock

    As title says, I am looking for a center console lid in this set up: Condition of the leather is not that important, but I need it in grey. also I would be interested in a nice condition lock for the rear hatch with the toyota cover Thanks
  7. Vitek

    What pistons in 2nd oversize for 1HD-FT ? Will FTE pistons fit?

    Hi, A friend bought last year and engine failure hdj80. Engine got rebuilt, new everything that was needed, almost everything oem: I sold him a set of kikumoto pistons that I bought for a project that never happened. Compared to toyota pistons, the set costed as much as 1 toyota piston. But...
  8. Vitek

    SOLD  1VD-FTV turbocharger for 200 series, trade for 1hd-ft turbo

    Hi, Recently got this in a trade, brand new in sealed package. My youngest toyota is from '96 so... but open to trade if for a 1hd-ft turbo! It was told to me its geniuine, came in a toyota box, but on the casting its says ihi turbo, maybe oem supplier? Amaya lists this for 2000 usd shipped...
  9. Vitek

    When a toyota dealership/service closes

    Recently made a nice deal with a automotive literature collector for all his excess Land cruiser manuals. 60,70,80,90,100 and a bit of 120 series prado :) in total something like 50 books. Including many more hard to find supplemental ones too! Almost all of them is removed from the original...
  10. Vitek

    Wanted  LX450 corner lights

    Hi I am looking for a pair of good condition LX 450 corner lights. Shipping to EU or US address to my friend. Let me know please if you have any!
  11. Vitek

    PTO or electric winch?

    I would like to get some opnions about pto vs electric winch. Which one works better why, preferences etc. I heard very mixed feedback, some people says the pto's are great, strong etc, some says electric is superior cause you can steel steer and help with the engine. The situation: I have a...
  12. Vitek

    Contrast: HDJ 80 1996 vs HZJ 80 1993, building a LHD VX Limited in EU

    Hi, So me and my dad we have two 80s, in this topic I will discuss their story, purpose and the work on them. 1996 VX spec hdj80, factory triple locked, full leather, sunroof etc. 1HD-FT, full time 4wd h151f with hf2av 1993 STD spec hzj80, no lockers, bench first row, vinly everything and...
  13. Vitek

    Wanted  Viscous Coupler - 41330-60010

    Hi, I am looking for a good condition/working viscous coupler for my 80, hf2a TC. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  14. Vitek

    For Sale  80 series Petrol dual filler neck and solenoids

    Hi, Bought this recently, but I need a diesel and this is for petrol... It has this restrictor thing? I am not really familiar with petrols. What you see is what you get. Everything preferably in one package. If you want parts make an offer. Price : 650 usd + actual shipment Located in EU, its...
  15. Vitek

    For Sale  1HZ part out, full engine

    Hi, I am patring out an 1HZ engine. Every bits and pieces are for sale. Located in Europe, shipping is possible. What is sold already will be listed here, if not written below it is still available. SOLD: Valves, valve guides Head Camshaft Thermostat Oil pump oil pan alternator mounting and...
  16. Vitek

    SOLD  LHD Hzj 78 steering box

    Up for sale a hzj78 steering box. approx 100 km on it. Located in EU, Hungary, can be shipped but its quite heavy. Comes with the pitman arm. Original toyota. 1200 usd + delivery. Part numberr by the chassis number is: 44110-60402
  17. Vitek

    Wanted  WTB: Jdm offset licence plate bracket for 80 series

    Hi, I am looking for a jdm licence plate bracket to keep the nice oem look when I fit my tire carrier. Let me know what you have!
  18. Vitek

    Electric seat track swap to manual

    Hi So after several unsuccessful attempt to make my electric seats work, I would like to replace the seat tracks with the manual ones I sourced.( Yes I replaced the worn plastic gears) The car is a hdj80 1996, leather full electric heated. The seat tracks are from a earlier, 1994 car. I would...
  19. Vitek

    Hzj80 factory full4wd ?

    Hi! We recently bought a hzj80. On the door it says full time 4wd, also has center diff lock button in the cab. I suspect that it has been converted to part time 4wd, as it has free wheeling hubs on the front. Is there a way to find out how did it come from the factory? Are there any things...
  20. Vitek

    For Sale  WTS: fsm for 70 and 80 series

    Hi, I have some extra factory service manuals that I would like to sell. - 1pz, 1hz, 1hd-t manual, good condition, 70 usd - r150f transmission manual 35 usd, like a new condition - L 2L manual, cover is torn, the pages are okay condition, 35 usd - B 3B 11B 13B 13B-T manual, cover is torn, the...
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