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  1. BigDogg

    Rough Idle then dies- Solved

    Symptoms: Engine idles extremely rough and if it doesn't die, gets worse under load (driving up an incline) Vehicle: Bone stock 2/71 FJ40 Engine: Orig F engine w/ 100K miles (not rebuilt) Carb: Asian recently rebuilt by Marks Offroad Several mechanically inclined folks thought it was a...
  2. BigDogg

    Five years and finally on the road!

    As previously mentioned on Mudd back in 2016, I purchased my 2/71 FJ40 from pretty much the original owner (he owned it since '73) after seeing it sitting on flat tires beneath a pepper tree. The owner was raking his front yard when I approached him and asked if he ever considered selling his...
  3. BigDogg

    Heater Box Foam Question

    Performing a refresh on my original 1971 FJ40 heater box. I have read most of the heater threads on mud and they say to use 1/4 charcoal foam. One thread referenced using open cell, another closed cell, and a third mentioned neoprene. Any thoughts on the "type" of 1/4 charcoal foam?
  4. BigDogg

    How does it get this bad?

    Finally back to wrenching on the 40 (life got in the way for awhile...) Anyhow, I removed the radiator and had it thoroughly cleaned at a shop. I figured I would replace the thermostat while I was at it. When I removed the hose, this is what it looked like (see photos). What causes it to get...
  5. BigDogg

    Stuck wheel cylinder piston- neat trick

    Finished rebuilding three out of my four rear wheel cylinders on my 2/71 FJ40. Of course, the fourth and final wheel cylinder piston and adjuster were stuck and would not come out of the cylinder. I tried putting it in a vise and using leverage to break it free, penetrating oil, compressed...
  6. BigDogg

    1971 FJ40 Rear outer wheel bearing race removal

    Oops... got carried away with the angle grinder while trying to remove the rear outer wheel bearing race. Got the race off, but slightly scored the axle in the process. Anyone have this happen to them and did it create any problems? I think it should be fine, but I figured I'd get some input.
  7. BigDogg

    Smashed Differential Drain Plug Surround

    Any suggestions on how to repair a smashed differential drain plug surround? Just need to clear enough of the metal away to get a socket on the plug. Was thinking about getting some sort of dremel attachment... However, if someone has another suggestion I'd love to hear it...
  8. BigDogg

    71 FJ40 Rear Drum Brake Question

    Finished my knuckle/brake rebuild and starting on the backs. Is there an easy way to remove the backing plate? I would like to paint it up, etc. Correct me if I am wrong, but after reviewing the FSM, it looks as though I need to drain the differential, remove the pinion shaft, slide the...
  9. BigDogg

    Cause of irregular wear to inside bottom of knuckle ball

    In the middle of a brake and knuckle rebuild. Started in on the front passenger side and noticed what appeared to be irregular wear marks on the inside bottom of the knuckle ball. Is this normal? What is the cause? Anything to be concerned about or other things to check?
  10. BigDogg

    SOR replacement wheel cylinders for 71 FJ40

    I initially tried to rebuild my wheel cylinders on my 1971 FJ40. After removing them, I discovered the previous owner did not have any left-handed cylinders. At that point, I decided to get new replacement cylinders from SOR. I thought I was headed down the home stretch, until I tried to...
  11. BigDogg

    Knuckle Rebuild/71 FJ40/ Re-Assembly/ Upper and Lower Bearing Retainers Extremely Tight

    Thought I was finally going to finish my knuckle rebuild today... I was wrong... Having trouble installing the upper steering arm and lower bearing retainer into the knuckle housing after placing it on the ball. Both are so tight that I can't even get them started (so that I can install the...
  12. BigDogg

    Suggestions for removing steering arm from top of knuckle

    Embarking on my first knuckle rebuild... learning alot along the way. One of the four studs attaching the steering arm to the knuckle came out without any trouble. I successfully used the two nut technique to remove the second. The third and forth were stuck real good and I started to strip...
  13. BigDogg

    '71 Axle Hub Removal Assistance

    I've removed the drums, wheel cylinders, axle hub face, locking nut, lock washer, inner adjusting nut, claw washer. It is my understanding that the hub should now slide off of the spindle. However, it won't budge. Am I missing something? Since I haven't done this before, I figured I'd...
  14. BigDogg

    40 on an asymetric 2-post lift

    Anybody put a 40 on an asymetric 2-post lift? Just got a BendPak and trying to find the ideal lift points and placement. I got her up and it is pretty solid, but wanted to see if anyone with such a lift had any pointers or suggestions.
  15. BigDogg

    Old front brake drum removal

    Newbie needs help. Trying to remove an old brake drum on a '71 FJ40 with out taking off the hub. The Toyota Repair Manual says to remove the drum set screws, tap the drum, and remove the drum. My drum wiggles slightly, but is no where close to coming off. The manual advises to back off the...
  16. BigDogg

    Drum Brake Guidance for Newbie

    Several months ago I rescued a 1971 fj40 from a field where it sat for over a decade. With help from a neighbor, a fellow fj40 Enthusiast, I managed to get the engine running. I also changed all the fluids and rebuilt the Brake & Clutch Master cylinder. Next, I began to bleed the brake lines...
  17. BigDogg

    New to IH8MUD

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I bought my first FJ40 two days ago. It was a true "barn find," except it wasn't in a barn. I was walking my dogs in the hills about a mile from my house and saw it sitting beneath a pepper tree with 3 flat tires and moss growing on it. The owner since 1979 was...
  18. BigDogg

    Just Joined IH8MUD

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I bought my first FJ40 two days ago. It was a true "barn find," except it wasn't in a barn. I was walking my dogs in the hills about a mile from my house and saw it sitting beneath a pepper tree with 4 flat tires and moss growing on it. The owner since 1979...
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