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  1. stonemasoncruiser

    Replace rear heat lines with braided stainless?

    I need to replace my rear heater tubes and know that some have just used rubber lines. Just wondering if any have use braided stainless wrapped lines. Seems like it might help with heat deflection being so close to the exhaust. Any thoughts or experience ? Thanks, Steve
  2. stonemasoncruiser

    Would you trust this?

    IMG_9408.jpg My garage got cooked a few weeks ago, lost a lot of cruiser parts and huge amount of tools.. I found this 40th annv. rim stashed in the corner with lots of smoke damage and some melted plastic on top of the tire. Didn't seem to get hot enough to melt the rubber, but my...
  3. stonemasoncruiser

    '72 FJ55 Project sell?

    I've been renting this crusty old garage which was damaged this winter and is ready to tip. Everything's gotta go including a '72 Pig project that was put on hold years ago. Not sure if there's even a market for this or what it's worth. Very clean body 1980's GM crate motor w/700r4, re-arched...
  4. stonemasoncruiser

    BlackPearl grill w/Depot lights

    So my 97 has the blackpearl emblems but I could not understand why mr.T left the grill and light trim regular chrome, so I found some Duplicolor Metalcast Smoke and spray bombed everything. I also coated all areas normally gey with camo green, then over sprayed with the smoke. End result...
  5. stonemasoncruiser

    Back w/40th annv. Ltd. Ed. Will 95 FSM apply

    Glad to be back, just bought ' 97 40th limited edition, antique sage no lockers. I still have my rolled 95 with factory lockers, armor, and other misc. goodies to transfer. I also plan many other mods found here on mud plus some other home mods. I am jonesin' for a build. So everything...
  6. stonemasoncruiser

    Cruiser with a Mohawk

    Sorry guys no tech here, just miss the 80 after the roll but more importantly wanted to send out a thanks to mud and all members. Your response and support was much appreciated. Also Ive convinced the:princess: we must have another landcruiser for both safety and to pull the off-road camper...
  7. stonemasoncruiser

    Rolled my 80, now what?

    Rolled the cruiser this winter on an extremely icy road. thankfully the wife & baby were unharmed and i only ended up with a 1/2 '' gash on me noggin. I'm just thankful we were in the landtank and not the wife's vibe. I want to buy another 80 to build, but :princess: is paranoid thinking we...
  8. stonemasoncruiser

    Borla stainless exhaust anyone?

    The exhaust on my '95 is ready to blow off any second so I am researching options. I've found a borla stainless system for around $500, seems kind of steep. Any thoughts, experience or ideas from the masterminds of IHMUD?!?!?:rolleyes:
  9. stonemasoncruiser

    broken starter housing

    The starter in my 95 Landcruiser began to act up so I thought I'd pull it off for inspection. It's the original with 200k+ miles and would not budge. After 30 minutes of prying, lubing, and hammering she finally broke free. Emphasis on broke! Now the nose of the housing is stuck in the block...
  10. stonemasoncruiser

    New in town

    Hey all ! I'm new to this gig but have owned LC's for some 20yrs.Currently driving a '95 80,also own a '79 fj40, a '72 fj55, all modified. Glad to be here!!!
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