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    Cruiser Crap console no longer available?

    Interested as well J -John
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    Cruiser Crap console no longer available?

    Classy move Aer0397. I didn't see this thread but I have been trying to find one but no luck. Here's what I was able to dig up... Cruisercrap, Wild Horses, James Duff, etc, they all sold this console. It was originally made for the early broncos (66-77). I tried to reach out or call them and...
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    Bowfin Cruisers - Roof racks and more

    Same question as jpip. Hoping to use a sale as an excuse with the wife that its time to pull the trigger on one
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    FJ60 17" Rims

    WSOP, what lug nuts did you get to make them fit?
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    SOLD Fj60 speedometer unit

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    For Sale 1987 FJ60 FOR SALE

    anyone happen to know if this would be difficult to register in CA?
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    For Sale ‘88 HJ61 in OK

    Is the whole LHD vs RHD merely a preference? Or are parts harder to source for RHD?
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    For Sale  1985 FJ60 1HZ 5SPD - $17.5K - Socal

    Not mine, just passing it along. LAND CRUISER DIESEL 1HD-T , 1985,
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    For Sale 1987 Toyota HJ60 Diesel

    Hi Colby, It has 294961 km on her (or 183,280 miles). And yes, she's 24v. Also forgot to mention some other things. - She had OME when I got her - It had an exhaust leak when I got her, so had a shop put in a Magnaflow muffler Tried to snap a couple more pics this morning. Sorry, pics aren't...
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    For Sale  1987 Toyota HJ60 Diesel

    So its time to thin out the herd. Up for sale is a 1987 Toyota HJ60 that I have owned for about 5 years or so and bought from Ventura county. In that period of time, I've put on about 5k miles on her at most. Things I have done during this period of time. 1) Georg (OrangeFJ45) at Valley Hybrids...
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    For Sale 1997 FZJ80 Feeler

    Posted up on eBay as well.
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    For Sale 1997 FZJ80 Feeler

    It's in San Jose, CA.
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    For Sale 1997 FZJ80 Feeler

    Uploaded some pics. Wanted to take some more of the undercarriage and engine bay but phone ran out of space. Will try to post some more today if the wife doesn't have me doing chores.
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    For Sale 1997 FZJ80 Feeler

    Updated the description a bit. Will post links to pics tomorrow morning. About to run to a wedding. Thanks, John
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    For Sale  1997 FZJ80 Feeler

    Hi guys, Wanting to thin out the stable and thought I'd post my 80 up to sell and see what you guys think its worth. 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 40th Edition - Green 167k miles Factory lockers Complete engine rebuild, by Robbie Antonson (aka powderpig) at 142k miles with all Toyota parts...
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    For Sale 1988 HJ61 for Sale with Clean NV title - Las Vegas

    might be gone.
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    Leaking Hoses

    thanks Dieseler!
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    Leaking Hoses

    Anyone know the toyota part numbers by any chance? Hulsty - Mine is LHD from Canada. I didnt get a chance to look for the exact hose but since it is AU, would all the hoses listed be for RHD?
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    Leaking Hoses

    You're probably right. Thanks Lost Marbles. Does anyone know off hand what inner diameter size the hoses are for a 87 HJ60? I can bring the old ones in but with them being orange, not sure if the previous owner macguyvered it. Thanks, John
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