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    Need to jack her up for over a week

    Years MIGHT cause an issue with a few bushings, but for a few weeks/months I wouldn't even think twice about leaving it on jackstands under the frame.
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    How should AHC function? (In the middle of a 24hr test drive and something seems off)

    For AHC, try all the heights at super low speed - like 5mph. For the power lift gate, make sure the doors are unlocked. There are a few settings for the doors unlocking when you throw it in Park or when you open your door, etc. If the doors are still locked when you stop and want to pop the...
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    Mounting Dash Cam

    If it's the Garmin dashcam I've seen, it's a NICE unit. Mounting should be pretty straightforward. I'd say put it up by the rear view mirror where it's not in your line of sight but you can duck to see the screen if you want to adjust anything (assuming it's the same Garmin dashcam I've seen)...
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    Tie Down Rails on Back of Second Row

    It's going to the grab handle like in the diagram, but apparently it's just going around the side. It wouldn't work very well if you were out on the road, but it was good enough to crawl back there and work. Yup, Reef drawers. Here's the stuff I bought: Tie down rails, End caps, Tie down rings
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    Tie Down Rails on Back of Second Row

    I like this type of tie down quite a bit. I used T-nut inserts so I could remove and reinstall them for any reason, like temporary fridge mount or something.
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    Ensuite update - now Nav freaking out?

    Any sort of a factory reset option and a spot with good cell signal you can sit while it updates again?
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    Front Protection Plates Engine covers

    You should be looking for 51409-60100. There's also a foam insulator which I THINK is 51478-60040, but I probably wouldn't bother with it.
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    LC200 Rear Tailgate Cargo Interior Light Very Bright

    I did. A little bit of time with a dremel, not too difficult.
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    Dissent offroad 200 series offerings.

    Could match the steel sections to the body paint or black or some kind of contrasting accent color if you wanted some pop. I've seen a few of these (some one 100s) with some pieces painted contrasting colors and it can really work.
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    Seems my LX has automatic emergency braking...

    My '11 definitely felt like it did this a week or so ago. I was pretty confused but I guess that explains it.
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    Took my first real towing trip in the 570. No complaints at all

    Last "heavy" thing I towed was a car on a uhaul trailer, so about 5700lbs. Lots of mountains and hills on my route, which was SLC to LA and back. I was able to use 5th quite a bit and sometimes 6th on longer downhills, even slight ones. I got about 13mpg through my trip. You might be able to...
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    "Had to" upgrade to a LX570

    Find a Tundra owner who is dumping their stock wheels for some Broto Metals or whatever's trendy these days - I picked up a set of Tundra 18's in good shape for $40. The 20's just aren't worth it.
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    Dash Cams

    I'm curious as well. I've put a couple dash cams that cover the mirror and act as a screen in a couple other cars, but I'd rather not do that when the mirror is already auto-dimming and all that.
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    Milwaukee string trimmer

    Just the normal 5's. I have a 0.20 acre lot and normally don't go through an entire battery, but there have been a few times when there was a lot of crap to go through where I used two full batteries.
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    Milwaukee string trimmer

    I have the M18 trimmer, my only complaint is it can chew through batteries pretty quickly if you have a lot of stuff to trim. I plan on getting the edger attachment one of these days.
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    The Fall of Afghanistan

    I was pretty angry, then I as getting better as well. Thursday afternoon was pretty shocking, then Saturday morning I learned that one of the Marines that had been killed was a friend of mine from boot camp. To put it lightly, my mood took a turn for the worse again.
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    Escape Gear Seat Covers for 200

    I'd like to know too. I'm pretty local to Equipt with an early LX and would be game to test fit some if they happened to have some laying around.
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    The better route: Nitto Terra Grappler G2 vs. Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015?

    I'm on my third set of Terra Grapplers and don't have many complaints. I've had one sidewall puncture that was on a sharktooth-shaped rock that I think would have torn through most tires. While I think they're a solid baseline, I'm looking for other tires that may be better all around.
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    The Fall of Afghanistan

    There are lots of men and women who let it all hang out and left a piece of themselves in country, literally or metaphorically. There are lots of men and women who had their young adulthood shaped and dedicated to this mission (as well as Iraq). It would be a lie to say we aren't all feeling...
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    Help Me Fix My 2013 LX Loose Front End Part 6

    Is the shop doing the alignment experienced and thorough? It's possible they're just giving you the ol' "toe and go" and they're not adjusting important things like caster. Mine has a little twitch while steering over bumps, but is easily self correcting as long as you aren't death gripping the...
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