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    December Meeting

    Important meeting tomorrow night, guys. Hope everyone will be able to come. We need to finalize all nominations for Club Officers, and get ready for the club elections in January. Also, we will complete plans for the Toys for Tots event, which is scheduled for December 06 at the Varsity -...
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    November Meeting - Date Change

    The November meeting of the Georgia Cruisers 4wd Club has been changed due to a conflict with Election Day. We want everyone to ge able to get out and vote! The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 11, 2008 - That is one week later. Same location and time as usual. Hope to see all of...
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    Toys for Tots - 2008

    November and December are the months for our Annual Toys for Tots Drive in conjunction with the US Marines. Club Members decided to ask everyone to bring a toy(s) to the Annual Event this Saturday. PLEASE HELP!! Hope to see everyone Saturday - It should be another great event! Good luck you...
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    August Club Meeting

    Reminder - The August Club meeting is tomorrow night - August 04, 2008 at the Perimeter Center Fuddrucker's as usual. Anyone is invited. Come early and meet in the parking lot and check out everyone's trucks. Hope to see a good turn-out tomorrow. Meeting time is 7:30 pm. Jim D.
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    4 x 4 Customs - Store Closing Sale!!

    4 x 4 Customs - Closing the shop. Selling all parts in stock at or below wholesale! All used parts must go. Axles, Transmissions, T-Cases, other miscellaneous parts. Contact Patrick Wilson at 770 736 0033.
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    Tellico Spring Fling

    We discussed the Tellico Spring Fling at last nights meeting, and everyone wanted more information. This is the link on the Pirate Board that was sent out earlier by Jon Fretwell. Link from Jon Fretwell Posted by Jim Dahlquist
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    Web-site Links

    I checked out a bunch of the links on the LINK page on the web-site this morning, and amazingly a great percentage of them work just fine. TLCA, UFWDA, SFWD, Manafre, Specter, the Forestry sites, and probably at least 75% of the others all work fine. If anyone has a good contact or...
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    Georgia Cruisers - Meeting 3/04/2008

    Georgia Cruisers, Remember the regular club meeting is tomorrow night. Tuesday, March 04, 2008, at the Perimeter Center Fuddrucker's restaurant. Anyone is welcome to come and visit! Meeting starts at 7:30 pm. Bring your trucks and meet some fellow cruiser-heads. See our web-site...
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    Club Meeting - July 03, 2007

    The July meeting of the Georgia Cruisers is tomorrow night at the Perimeter Center Fuddrucker's as usual. Meeting time is 7:30 as usual. Come early and bring your trucks. Hope to see everyone there. Start your July 4th holiday with a Cruiser Club meeting! Jim D.
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    TOYS FOR TOTS - Pictures

    I put a few pictures from the 2006 Toys for Tots event up on the club web-site This is an annual activity which The Georgia Cruisers participate in with the U. S. Marine Corps. The Toys are distributed to needy children in the community in which the campaign is...
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    On-Board Welder

    Anyone have any experience with an on-board welder, or any recommendation. Phil and I are researching this, and would appreciate any info or advice. Thanks in advance. Jim Dahlquist
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    Need Rear Disk Brake Conversion Advice / Help

    I am interested in doing a Rear Disk Brake conversion on my 1982 FJ40. The truck has a split case, and the parking brakes are out at the wheels instead of mounted on the Tcase. Has anyone done this conversion, using the calipers with e-brakes incorporated into the caliper, such as offered by...
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    Georgia Cruisers Club Website

    Check out the club web-site if you haven't yet. It is I have updated the Members Page since the meeting last night. We want to welcome our newest member, Steen Henninger, who was voted in at the meeting. Also, welcome to recent new members, Heather Spivey and...
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    New Meeting Location

    The Georgia Cruisers new meeting location will be at the Fuddrucker's restaurant at Perimeter Center. Check our web-site for a map. under the meeting page. Address is as follows: 240 Perimeter Center Pkwy., NE Atlanta, GA...
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    My Odometer no longer works. Has anyone had any experience in repairing, replacing an odometer. As far as I know the cable is hooked up properly, but the odometer does not travel. This is on an 82 FJ40. Appriceate any help. Jim D
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    SHIMS - Installation Questions

    I have a '79 FJ40 and need some help in clarifying shim installation instructions. First off, let me say that I have Man-a-fre's steering correction / shackle reversal kit which comes with (2) shims - which appear to be 2 degree. Man-a-fre's directions say "Reinstall the leaf springs with the...
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    3.70 gears & Tire Size

    I am interested in putting some bigger tires on my 1979 FJ40 as part of my frame-off renovation. Was thinking about 12.50 x 33 Super Swampers SSR on 15 x 8 wheels. I have a 4" lift kit from TPI. But a buddy of mine said he wished he had gone with the 35" SSR's. Do you guys have an opinion...
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