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  1. divemedic

    98’ refresh, parts sourcing.

    Hey ya’ll. I’m looking to do a refresh on my 98. I’ve got a few parts invoiced from Kurt and Georg, but I’m having difficulty finding the miscellaneous bits (at reasonable prices). I've checked partsouq and the dealer but not much luck getting what I need. For example, window motors are median...
  2. divemedic

    For Sale  45324, 98’ hundo corner lights

    Real good shape, make an offer.
  3. divemedic

    For Sale  46324, J77 OEM weather guards.

    Factory guards, no cracks/scratches. $300 shipped. Will consider reasonable offers. Includes all hardware.
  4. divemedic

    Drop slides

    Looking for recommendations on drop slides for a fridge. I’d prefer included cable guides. I really appreciate pros/cons of the recommendation from users.
  5. divemedic

    Tan door card/panel needed for R&D

    Does anyone have a tan interior door card for sale/loan. Needed for color matching.
  6. divemedic

    OneStone Armrests Round 2

    So after some testing of the Armrests over a few days of daily driving, 600miles of highway and light off-roading I feel good about getting behind the product. It carried my arm, my coffee, and my kids’ weight while pretending to drive without dramas. Adrian has been great to work with and I’m...
  7. divemedic

    Battery acid cleanup

    Battery failed at the meet n greet. Recommendations on cleaning? I saturated the area with 20% dawn/water solution.
  8. divemedic

    5th Annual, 70-Series Meet & Greet - Trip Report By divemedic

    The 70 Series Meet & Greet holds a specially place in my heart for many reasons. I have attended the event for three years in a row and wish to continue the annual trip but that will not be probable for next year but have marked a few goals in my calendar to be in attendance for the 7th Meet in...
  9. divemedic

    5th M&G dinner options

    I just want to validate its worth the effort/cost to bring down the trailer grill. The intent is have a good spot for everyone to congregate for dinner and also allow my wife and I to have adult time after our kids have gone to bed. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
  10. divemedic

    OEM gray carpet pre-2000

    Looking for best-match recommendations to the early grey carpet for a drawer build. Top surface and wings to be covered.
  11. divemedic

    One Stone Arm rests

    I’m going to be ordering a set of armrests in the next few weeks. Company is doing up shipping for me shortly. Let me know if you’re interested in jumping in on these. I’ll bulk order and ship to my house and distribute out from there...
  12. divemedic

    For Sale  Double kayak, Dayton Ohio

    Lightly used double kayak. Good for cruising or fishing. Two integrated dry box’s. Comes with two backrest and two collapsing paddles. Asking $400, counter offers via text message 2242816516.
  13. divemedic

    Another ABS thread

    98’ with 330k miles, well maintained. My abs light illuminates at idle with the brake pedal depressed and released. It turns off when throttle is applied but comes back on when throttle is released to coast or when applying the brakes. Brake pedal feel is normally fine, but every so often I...
  14. divemedic

    5th Annual 70-Series M&G attendance log

    Please cast your attendance to assist organizers. Responses can be changed. Please DO NOT vote here if you have responded to this event on the 70-Series NA Facebook page.
  15. divemedic

    New master key

    Long story short, my wife lost the master key (fob built in) to my 98’ 100 series. Dealership just told me they have to pull the computer, send it off to get reset and programmed “to accept a new key”. They can then assign a new master key to it. Quoted me $1200 for the process. They said they...
  16. divemedic

    12v accessory system batt recommendations

    Anyone have experience with lithium accessory batteries. I’m going to be setting up a secondary 12v system and thinking Lithium or lead crystal. Pros Cons? System will be based off of a redarc bcd1225.
  17. divemedic

    Drifta group buy feeler

    Posting this to see if anyone may be interested in doing a group-buy for Drifta Drawers. Details from Matt Broadbent at Kakadu Camping in BC Canada. As noted in his email (below), the real way to add some savings would be to have a decent number of same/similar orders. To give everyone an idea...
  18. divemedic

    Exhaust talk

    What is everyone doing for exhausts? I just priced out The factory parts, and it’s stupid high mostly because of the tail section.
  19. divemedic

    Kaymar 76 Series Workmate fitment for 77 Series

    Since my initial purchase of the truck, I knew I would need a bumper for the truck. The truck had the factory bumper and trim panels removed. My original goal was to replace the missing components. After sourcing all the needed parts from a LJ78, I did just that, and was very happy with fit and...
  20. divemedic

    Architecture data sheet (or whatever they’re called)

    I’m looking to see if anyone has detailed body measurements/data sheets for the the J78 and J75 Troopies. Thank you in advance.
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