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    For Sale 1989 pick up single cab denver

    Here are some pics, email if you want more or have any questions
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    For Sale  1989 pick up single cab denver

    i am selling my 1989 toyota pick up 3.0L V6 with 196000 miles located in denver co. The good things about this truck includes; optima yellow top about a year old, marlin heavy duty clutch a few thousand miles on it, 4" lift, 33x 9.5 BFG all terrain, K&N air filter, extra front and back lights...
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    74 fj40 in CO

    my fj40 is still for sale, i have gotten alot of calls on my phone, but since i am usually at work or school, i dont answer it to offen, so please leave a message, i really need the money, new truck needs work, and i got my bills this month, it is driveable, but i recomend that it be trailered...
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    74 fj40 in CO

    i have a 74 fj40 for sale in denver, CO. its has a rebuilt 2f w/ 4 Speed tranny, 4 inches of lift, 265/75/16 Big "O" AT's 2 sets of wheels, 6 point cage, 4 point harnesses, headers, custom exhust, custom bumbers, 87 celica seats, minor rust in fender wells, most other rust i cut off, hrd top w/...
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    Weber carb issues, climbing steep angles

    im just trying to bring back this topic to see if there are any fresh ides out there or if anybody has fixed this problem. if so, i dont check the internet to offen so if you know the solution to this please e-mail it to me thanks
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    Weber carb issues, climbing steep angles

    my engine is pretty much stock and i have the same problem. its bogs dowm going up steep hills and stalls when wheeling. iv rebuilt the carb, adjusted the float replaced the fuel pump and filter, and nothing helps.
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    i have stock shocks and a 4" lift what is a cheap solution to fixing my problem, right not my ride is very ruff and my shocks are already streched just sitting still. im looking for a cheap solution , thanks
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    left disc knuckle im looking for a left knuckle for an fj40 w/ disc brakes, willing to buy or trade for 2 PU knuckles. pefer not to pay shipping im in the denver area, so i can pick it up.
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    PU knuckles

    i have 2 PU left side knuckles willing to sell or trade for a fj40 knuckes w/ dics brake, or tail gate, or pretty much anything else, make offer.
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    Weber 38/38 FOR SALE

    is it still for sale?
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    fj40 parts

    what size weber carb how much for the hei? does the weber card ahve mounting plates?
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    6 month old Weber 32/36

    do you have the mounting brackets also? if so would you take 250?
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    Weber 32/36 for sale

    why are you selling it?
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    5 cruisers to part out

    im looking for a left knuckle housing for a FJ40 w/ front dics brakes (not for sure on the year). willing to buy or trade for 2 PU knuckle housings.
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    Parts for sale.

    i need a left knuckle housing for a fj40 w/ disc brakes. i have 2 left knuckle housings for a toyota PU willing to trade if interested. if not let me know how much you want for a LC one.
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    For Sale  fj40 2" shackles

    i have an extra set of 2" extended shackes w/o bushings, all 4 for $50 + shipping.
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    74 fj40 for sale

    i saddley need to sell my cruiser. she is a 74 w/ 2f engine, 4 speed tranny, 4" lift, man-a-fre headers, heat fluid raiser, rebuilt carb, front dics brakes, custom bumber, 6 point cage, needs tune up, passanger door wont open w/ hard top on, she sits in 31" big "O" ATs, custom exhust, 4 point...
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    what is my cruiser worth?

    im thinking about selling my cruiser and i was wondering what it is worth: 74 fj40 w/ 2f engine, front dics brakes, headers, custom exhust, 4 point harness, 87 celica seats, aux lights (front and rear), 6 point roll cage (rolled once), 4 inch suspention lift, 31" "big O" ATs, push botton...
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    mix and match cruiser

    i have a 74 fj40 w/ front disc brakes, 2F engine and 4 speed tranny. this there any way i can find out what year those are and what gears are in them?
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    exhaust routing

    .i have a 74 w/ 2f enigine and my exhust goes out the back on the drivers side. there are no "L" pipes in it anywhere, its just straightfrom the engine to the muffler to the tail pipe
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