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  1. DaKruiser

    01’ Kruiser odds and ends

    My Wife and I recently bought an 01’ 100 series, it has 368,000 on the clock and along with that the typical seat and interior wear. I read a few posts about Seat Doctors Professional Grade Auto Leather Dye being able to match the colors well so I ordered some dye to try. We have the oak...
  2. DaKruiser

    91' 4Runner 3vz-e flooding issue. fixed!

    Long time lurker, I hope you all can point me in a better direction. My wife and I recently bought a 91' 4Runner. We knew it had issues, cracked intake hose, unplugged cold start injector and TPS, but I thought I could get those fixed pretty easily. I was able to drive it home, about 40 miles...
  3. DaKruiser

    fj80 hich drawtight

    I have for sale a drawtight 2" reciever hitch direct fit off of my 91' fj80. Its in good shape, about 2 years old, little to no rust. Is 100.00 dollars to much, thats half price. I do have the washers that it came with but not the bolts. Thanks Kinnards80:)
  4. DaKruiser

    Wanted  Cant find a replacement back glass.

    Anyone have a back glass that will fit a 91' fj80. I messed up! backed into a tree:doh: .
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