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    Look whats coming for your 40-45

    How far are you on your drivetrain. Curious how it turned out with rear xmbr and how you modified the center hump. Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD
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    1964 FJ45 LB “RB1” Project

    Sorry I meant your hangers. Little too tired last night when I wrote this and realized I interchanged "perches" everywhere I meant to say "spring hangers". Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD
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    1964 FJ45 LB “RB1” Project

    Mike, truck looks great. Funny how one tiny mod or cleanup can turn into a naked frame. Question for you.... I did my SOA and SR using stock perches up front and Dom thru the frame at 42.5" center to center. I extended my frame horns 1 3/4" and using 1" longer shackles everything is mocked up...
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    WTB: FJ 45 LWB Under box spare tire carrier

    I have one I replaced with S-10 tank. I hadn't thought about letting it go until now but I don't think I'll ever use it. It's in excellent condition. Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD I'm out of town for the holiday but found some pictures. I can take more when I return. That is original...
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    My New 45

    Looks like its 63, 64, or early 65. My early 65 came from Buckeye, AZ where it was sold new. Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD
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    How many 1961 / 1962 FJ40's??

    This one came out of Cheyenne, WY area. May have sold new in Denver area. I need to check my title. Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD
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    How many 1961 / 1962 FJ40's??

    Can't tell for sure because it's been painted over I think. Found some more pictures. Has a wrinkled fender on the passenger side but other than that not a ding or rust anywhere except a little showing on the rear sill. Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD
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    Looking for 60 or 62

    Yeah I've kinda had to ignore that it happened. Just got it dyno tuned and got the TPI up to 325hp at the rear. Was at my office for 3 days while I was waiting on my current registration which I received the day before it got nabbed. Hopefully it's sitting in a parking lot somewhere and it...
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    How many 1961 / 1962 FJ40's??

    Here are pictures of my 61 Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD
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    Looking for 60 or 62

    Well I'm sad to report but my 60 was stolen last month from in front of my office. Hasn't turned up yet but $25k in work down the drain. Good thing I have my 45lbp project to keep me focused on good things Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD
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    How many 1961 / 1962 FJ40's??

    1961 FJ40 Tring to post pictures of my 61. I need more posts first
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    building more LPB beds... come watch

    Kevin, I m getting ready to make the same modification to the hat channel and opening in the floor. Was wondering if you completed the hump mods. I sent you an email regarding purchasing a 3 hinge tailgate. Let me know if you didn't receive it. Thanks, Don Cape Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD
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    WTB: These flaps

    I just started restoring my 65 lwb and will look but I think I have with the reflectors.
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    I saw you heading west on I-40

    That was me, it now resides in Las Vegas. Took off the bed today, the deeper I get the more amazed I am by the condition. The saddest part of the project was the tailgate. Bought it from original owner who put on the camper shortly after it was new. The gate must have been left outside and...
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    craigslist 1965 FJ45 AZ Vehicle- $5000

    I was the lucky one that got to bring it home. The next decision is which direction I want to go.
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    Looking for 60 or 62

    Well I found the one i was looking for, not a vortec but at least TPI. More importantly "no rust". Ony 120k miles and really clean.
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    Looking for 60 or 62

    I have been an avid Fj40 owner for 15 years. 1961, 1967, 1970, 1972, and 1975 currenlty. I am looking for a FJ60/62 and don't know too much about them. Any reccomendations are appreciated. I am in Las Vegas. Really like to find one with a vortec conversion like i have for my FJ40. Here is a...
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    1961 FJ40

    I have a 1961 FJ40 that is 100% original. It has 18k miles and has been stored inside for the last 25+ years. I realize this is not the FJ40 Forum but it was suggested that i start hear for anyone that may have an interest. I also have a 70, 72 and a 75 that keep me pretty busy but really...
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