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  1. Sacto60

    For Sale  Nor CA Wheel + tire

    Upgraded so my old spare 31x10.50 Goodyear wrangler is mounted on a stock fj60 wheel. 100$ local pickup
  2. Sacto60

    Hood Insulator sag

    I’m seeing some slight sag from my hood liner and it’s coming into contact w hot spots on the engine. Is this bad? Any fixes?
  3. Sacto60

    Radiator Drain capacity 2F

    How much capacity should I expect when i do a simple radiator drain/fill? I opened up the rad drain plug, opened the rad cap, and maybe got about 1.25gal of coolant total. Good news is, what came out didn't look all that bad. But when I went to refill some distilled water and run it until hot...
  4. Sacto60

    Cigarette Lighter probs

    Pulled out my cigarette lighter from the dash since it hasn't worked in many years. Reviewed some search posts on cigarette problems, and one in particular mentioned blowing the 15A fuse (3rd down left side on schematic) this is assoc w/ Cig. The post described how the ignition switch may be a...
  5. Sacto60

    Brake Light switch location

    Quick help: where can I find the brake light switch on a 87 FJ60? Inside cab by the pedal somewheres'? Any pro advice to check or replace or mess with?
  6. Sacto60

    License plate lighting prob

    87 FJ60 license plate lighting isn't working. Took apart the assy, and the brass sockets seem ok on both sides, but the brackets they attach to are toasty. The green wire running through the tail gate seems okay too. One bulb looks shot, but the other seems fine. A 2007 thread mentioned that...
  7. Sacto60

    brake light issue FJ60

    Buddy was following me on freeway and told me my passenger side brake light is out. The right side orange bulb (turn sig) works; the reverse indicator works, and the red (tail light) works, but not when I brake. The red rear side light on same side won't work when I turn on headlights either...
  8. Sacto60

    Is FunTreks app any good?

    Looking for simple, easy GPS app for popular trails, forest roads, etc in CA. FunTreks for iOS looks like it would do the trick. $59.00 at Apple Store. Anyone have good/bad experiences w/ this app?
  9. Sacto60

    Fuses are fuses right?

    My horn wasn't working and after exhaustive wheel pulling and brass pin removal/replacement- it was the damned fuse the whole time. But in replacing original fuses from '87, will standard fuses you get at any parts store work, or have there been changes in auto fuses in 30 years? Is it good to...
  10. Sacto60

    Universal Catalytic Conv

    Like many in CA, I struggled w/ smogging my 87 60. I had a shop install what apparently is an inexpensive but effective Universal Cat. I just purchased a new one-piece exhaust and stainless J pipe from SOR, and would like it installed. From some SOR pages I see that the OEM Cat has the bolt...
  11. Sacto60

    Looking for 33x10.50x15

    Need a single spare tire. Anyone in Nor CA have a spare to sell? New 33/10.5/15 BFG currently on my 60. Thanks
  12. Sacto60

    smog/timing question

    My 60 failed smog today w high CO2 (1.30 approx) and my timing came back off as well (13 btdc). Repair guy said sometimes timing issues can throw off carb/emission results. Is this accurate?
  13. Sacto60

    FJ60 cargo bedliner

    Is there a rubber cargo bed liner like what you see with thick, rubber floor mats? I'd love to find one that even covers full rear of truck with seats down.
  14. Sacto60

    Spare tire equivalent?

    I bought new BFG 33x10.50s for my FJ60 a couple months ago, but thought Id look for a used spare. That's a tough size to find used. Is there an equivalent size that will work as a spare? Would 285/75/16 serve as a good spare size? Will running an off-size tire create any damage?
  15. Sacto60

    Battery rec's

    Which battery should I get for a non daily driver FJ60 that gets out maybe 1-2x mo? Just stock, no additional lights or gadgets to power. Looking for reliability and starting power for stretches of non use.
  16. Sacto60

    Locking hubs vs "lockers"

    Can someone explain the difference between my locking hubs and a locking diff? Thanks
  17. Sacto60

    Online shocks company

    Gonna order some Billie's (model 4600s) for my stock 60. Anyone know of a reputable online dealer to save a few bucks?
  18. Sacto60

    Will 33s fit?

    Currently running 31x10.50 on my 87 FJ60. Replaced rear springs with ones from 1988 with an extra leaf in the pack. So I'm a touch higher in back. Front springs are stock/original. Does it look like 33s would be ok?
  19. Sacto60

    Wanted  Used Rear Leaf Springs (Northern CA)

    I'm looking for used rear leaf springs. I am in northern CA and can pick up if possible.
  20. Sacto60

    Cracked rear leaf spring

    Searching the classifieds for a replacement set of rear leaf springs for my FJ60, but also looking for a good phone number for TAP recycling in Sacramento. Searches come up w/ junk numbers or fax numbers. Anyone have either a good working number for TAP, or better yet, a lead on a pair of used...
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