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  1. 96eighty

    DIY Vapor Barrier Polyethylene (Visqueen)

    After reading many threads about replacing my door vapor barriers I've decided to go the DIY route and make my own out of polyethylene sheeting (Visqueen). I just wanted to know if I should roll with the 4 mils or 6 mils or if it really doesn't matter. I'm also looking to upgrade my sound...
  2. 96eighty

    80 Series "small" hose clamp & #10 Hose Clamp Part No.?

    Looking to redo all the hose clamps on the green turd, does anyone know the part number on the small hose clamp and the #10 clamp? I dont think ill be able to buy the constant torque clamps due to the covid shortage
  3. 96eighty

    Window Regulator Question + LH Passenger Door wont auto lock/unlock

    So I’ve tore apart apart my LH passenger door panel to figure out why my lock isn’t automatically been locking/unlocking. I’ve greased all the moving parts but it still looks like it doesn’t have enough power to lock. The gears look fine and the lock motor sounds strong like the rest but I found...
  4. 96eighty

    Replacing hoses in 1FZ-FE

    Before I post I did some digging around on google and used the search button, and just wanna double check before I place my order. I'm looking to replace all the hoses & clamps on my 80 as it is pretty old at this point. 1. 80 Series 1FZ Curved Heater Hose Kit -...
  5. 96eighty

    Questions to ask PO after buying FZJ80?

    Hi everyone, I purchased a 96 LX 450 over spring break and haven't driven it much due to my HCV looking pretty crusty... Anyways, I've managed to get ahold of the 2nd owner who has owned it since 150k miles (truck currently has about 220k). Thinking of asking a maintenance questions below, if...
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