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    1+ ton FJ62

    :beer: front: 64.5" d60, yukon chromo inners/outers/kingpins, yukon 4.88, CTM, arb rear: 63" d70ff, yukon chromo shafts and 4.88, arb 4wheel discs using camaro z28 m/c. hardened high angle driveshafts fr/rr. 37" on 15x8 3.5BS 8 lug Allieds The inside has been rhinolined and we're building a...
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    82 FJ40

    82 FJ40 94K blue all orig., minor rust (usual cruiser places) never wheeled, daily driver asking $10,500
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    Complete FJ62 Axles F/R:4.88,ARB,hi-steer

    :) Located in Georgia. I'm doing a 1 ton axle swap into my FJ62. I would like to sell my Toyota axles. These axles received all new Precision Gear 4.88, ARB lockers, bearings, gaskets, and seals throughout when I did the SOA conversion (I mean everything). I also added the hi-perf. brake...
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    FS: ARB/PG 4.88 barely used

    :D Selling front and rear axles from fj62. Less than 2K on overhaul/rebuild: new ARB locker, PG4.88, hi-perf. brakes, hi-steer, all bearing, seals, etc. Anyone interested? $3200. I'm in ATL.
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    H55 to Atlas??

    Anybody know for sure if Atlas mates to H55? Adapters available? I called AA and they didn't explicitly know, but are currently researching. I want to throw D70 in the rear (D60 up front). The split case is pass. offset. I could probably cut or re-tube the D70 to match the offset, but am...
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    FJ60 1 ton axle swap

    Been really considering doing an axle swap to my SO fj62, h55f/splitcase. Up front, I am leaning towards pre-88 chevy D60. I could get a HD D44 for much cheaper, what do you think, D44 or D60 or stock w/ maybe some longfields?? Out back, I am looking at D60 or Ford 14B. I know the rear...
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    SOA 62 Rear Driveshaft Vibration

    ??? Another question for ya'll...I have read many archives at LCML to find an answer but want to post anyway. I am getting a vibration (almost groaning/grinding) from the rear driveline that occurs in between accel and decel, and during coasting...essentially when there is no torsional stress...
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    OME Springs Coming Apart

    ??? I did a SOA on my FJ62 using my OME heavy springs. After some heavy wheeling, I have noticed that some of the leaves in the pack are tending to rotate on the center pin (those not contained in a wrap) after heavy articulation. Any of you guys and gals experienced this? If so, what did you...
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    For Sale  New OME Shocks

    New OME N74 (2) New OME N76 (2) They cost me $161 for each pair. These are the longest OME shocks designed for 4+ inch lift. Make reasonable offer. Email to
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    No dashlights,taillights,heater,etc

    I was drilling for an ARB compressor and nicked 3 wires in a harness on driver wheel well in my '62. I repaired the wires. Checked the fuses and breakers and are okay. Fusible link okay. Even replaced healight relay and taillight relay. But still, no dash lights, taillights including brake...
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    Goodyear MTR or TSL radial or BFG MTs

    I posted on the chit-chat as well. Just wonder what you guys and gals would run on a SOA fj62 trail toy. I drive it quite a bit on the road to get to the trails, so I don't want them to wear out too quickly. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
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