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    Wanted  Los Angeles: any TRD supercharger parts for FZJ80

    Looking to purchase any of the parts for TRD supercharger add-on to my 1994 Land Cruiser. I'm in CA so not a lot of other options for engine upgrades. PM me if you have any of the parts available for sale. Thanks! --Dylan
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    Undoing previous owner’s aftermarket injectors

    Hello all, I was diagnosing two wet plugs on my FJ80. Ordered two OEM injectors from my local Toyota dealer, went to install them and realized someone has swapped the injectors on my car. Anyone recognize these Densos? The height and shape matches an 06 Camry I think. Does anyone here recommend...
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    1FZ-FE cylinder bore tolerance for taper and out of round? Toyota spec and practical experience?

    Hi All, I have a 266k mile 1994 Land Cruiser and I'm trying to decide how badly my engine needs the cylinders bored out. I pulled the head because I had a head gasket leak at #6 cylinder. The head has been rebuilt with new valve seals. The block looks like it was honed at some point by the...
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