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  1. stonemasoncruiser

    Thule 300 Risers - Door Clearance Issue

    I stuck mine in a bench vise and adjusted the angle of the foot that catches the bottom of the gutter. Worked for me!
  2. stonemasoncruiser

    how do you identify you fj80

    Other indicators would be two tone leather, auto climate control and sage green, they also came in dark emerald. Never seen the 40th badge on the rear myself.
  3. stonemasoncruiser

    100 series sliders on an 80

    Maybe you should just sell them to somebody with a 100 and put the money towards a proper set
  4. stonemasoncruiser

    New rig = New built

    Nice work Ender! You really get down to business. I think you're probably only the second member whose "likes" have already outnumbered your "messages". Thank you for sharing your build! Stephen
  5. stonemasoncruiser

    OME springs & shocks install

    Time to head to your favorite tool supply store. I highly recommend anyone working on older rigs should own a tap and die set. I think you can buy sets just for chasing threads as well. Super easy and not too spendy.
  6. stonemasoncruiser

    Another Holiday Giveaway – LED dome lights

    Those look like the ones I bought from George years ago. If they're as good as his I hope the mud crowd is aware you offer these. I'm tired of feeling sorry for all the folks proudly posting up there cheap china leds. Congrats to you greenmonster! Perhaps you could post up a quick review to...
  7. stonemasoncruiser

    Magnaflow exhaust

    Looks like they do good work . I have yet to find anyone competent around here. Seems they only know how to bolt on only with no ability to modify or even bend a pipe.
  8. stonemasoncruiser

    Magnaflow exhaust

    Sounds good. Did you do the work yourself or an exhaust shop?
  9. stonemasoncruiser

    how to price a restored 80

    NS80, if you want to see a serious 40th resto check out Citidals.
  10. stonemasoncruiser

    Best phone mount?

    I use a Ram mount attached to the dash via suction cup and stick on disc. Easy to reach and just below eye level. Those cheap china plastic jobbies always ended up failing on me. Spend your money once.
  11. stonemasoncruiser

    Another Holiday Giveaway – LED dome lights

    Nice of you!
  12. stonemasoncruiser

    Best speedometer correction option

    Sorry jumped the gun. I do not have personal experience with them but Slee sells good stuff.
  13. stonemasoncruiser

    Best speedometer correction option

    Check out Marks 4WD speedo correction at Slee Off Road
  14. stonemasoncruiser

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Much better!
  15. stonemasoncruiser

    Most likely to be voted best PM perf gain?

    First I would ditch the k&n air filter for an oem or wix, many threads stating the disadvantages of them. Plugs, wires, cap and rotor will help and maybe a new fuel filter. Another thing often overlooked is throttle cable adjustment. I snugged mine up and the rig is much more responsive.
  16. stonemasoncruiser

    Seat help Urgent!

    This happened to me a few weeks ago and I needed to drive asap. I just pushed back on the base of the seat with one arm while operating the switch . It rolled right back, maybe I was lucky but it's still working. Just a little leery about ever sliding it all the way forward again.
  17. stonemasoncruiser

    Real time help 95 died while driving.

    This is exactly why many of us keep spare fusible links and efi relays. Now I'm curious how common ignition switch problems might be. Don't recall hearing of any here on mud.
  18. stonemasoncruiser

    Events/Trails The Rubicon in an 80

    I enjoyed the flexy shots and also wish those kind of trails were closer. Thanks for the show!
  19. stonemasoncruiser

    Smog test whizzes: Pressurized tank = good cap?

    We here in Minnesota can thank our former gov. Jesse " the Body " Ventura for eliminating smog testing !
  20. stonemasoncruiser

    Running board removal

    Almost feels like you got a free lift without the running boards I bet!
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