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    Rear Sway Bar Bracket - Are bolts welded?

    Installing new suspension on an '88 FJ62 and noticed both rear sway bar brackets (that connect to the frame) each have a broken bolt (see picture). I tried removing bolts but they are on there pretty tight; so much so that I think the bolts might be welded to the bracket. Can anyone answer if...
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    craigslist  No. CA: '93 FJ80 Triple locked (not mine, unfortunately)

    No affiliation, saw posted on local CL. 169K miles triple locked. here's the ad:
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    4wd disengages only in reverse

    I have a 88 FJ62 that I daily drive and take camping. I rarely use 4wd. I recently took the truck out on a short trail and engaged 4Hi. Was having trouble disengaging 4Hi but eventually was able to disengage after going in reverse for a foot or two. Since then I've tested out 4Hi in a couple...
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    NorCal Camping Suggestions - Lake Pillsbury

    Had plans on camping at the Lakes Basins/Gold Lake area in the next few weeks. Unfortunately there's still snow in the area. Since I'm planning on bringing the wife and kids, I'd like to find someplace warmer and close to the water. Preferably a spot where we can camp next to the water and go...
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    No Start , Jumped +B and Fp, now starts fine without jumper wire

    Long story short: I have an 88 FJ62 that was cranking but not starting. Check engine light was off. After a week of fiddling around and researching the FSM and this forum, I jumped the +B and Fp contacts on the diagnostic connector. Thought I heard the fuel pump so I started the truck. Truck...
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    AC Wiring Missing Connection FJ62

    Just pulled the front cooling unit from my 88 FJ62 in an effort to replace the evaporator, expansion valve, switch, and 30 years of dust and leaves. While pulling it out I noticed that this connector (circled in red) wasn't connected to anything (also it doesn't look like there is anything for...
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    Need some help identifying vacuum line

    Thanks to this forum I was able to figure out why my 4wd wasn't working: A vacuum line from the solenoid to the transfer case was loose. A simple fix and it saved me a ton of time and energy. Thank you! This encouraged me to check the rest of the lines. I ran into an issue that I can't find on...
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    Ship or Drive Your New Cruiser - Just Drive Baby!

    If you’re trying to decide between shipping your recently purchased FJ62, or driving it cross country, I have one piece of advice: Drive! Be prepared, but Drive. I have to share my FJ62 cross country experience with you all cause I’m so proud of the little dude. Found the car on Thursday, flew...
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    From pics how good is this FJ62 undercarriage?

    I'm considering this 1988 FJ62 with 161,000 miles. According to owner its spent its whole life in California. The owner just sent these pictures of the undercarriage. I appreciate any feedback you have, what looks broken, what looks good, what looks shot. Thanks in advance.
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    eBay  1989 FJ62 in San Francisco

    I've been shopping around for a FJ62 as a daily driver and found this posted on ebay near me. 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay Buy it now is $28,500. I'm new to the Land Cruiser world and have noticed that prices are all over the place. I plan to check out the car with a mechanic friend of...
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