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  1. majdomo

    Throttle Position - no vacuum at idle

    Hey all - having a tough time with my throttle positioner and not getting vacuum from VSV port 1 at idle. Truck is a 10/76 build 1977 California 2F. I bought a "new" VSV thinking this might be it, as the '77 emissions control manual pointed to that as the issue, but to no avail. I've also...
  2. majdomo

    Wanted  ‘77 CA smog VSV

    ISO 10/76 build 1977 MY VSV box, before going to $OR. Thanks!
  3. majdomo

    For Sale  FJ40 Roll Bar 1977

    Good condition roll bar that came out of my 10/76 build FJ40. This is in great condition compared to much of what I saw out there, but does need a little attention to grind off the areas where a PO attached the front roll bars. $300.
  4. majdomo

    For Sale  FJ40 single vacuum advance distributor

    Not tested, just a spare. Mine is a CA rig, may be of use to someone for $75plus ship. New cap, rotor, and points included.
  5. majdomo

    SOLD  FJ40 / mini truck power steering kit

    Not going to get around to installing, so posting here for someone else’s project. Looks fairly complete minus a few bolts and so on. Was not installed though the steering box was a used unit. $400 plus the ride. Just had a chance to look up pricing. Thanks.
  6. majdomo

    2F PCV mystery vacuum hose

    Anyone know what this vacuum hose is supposed to connect up with? It's coming off the port that screws into the intake, on the other side of the PCV hose. I'm assuming this bolt plugging it up is not OEM. 1977 CA motor with thermal reactor and most / all smog equipment. I have the 77 emissions...
  7. majdomo


    New project! First order of business is CA smog (she's a '77). Yikes. But so psyched! Quick and dirty compression showed 150 across the board except #6, which is 140. Surface rust underneath, moist t-case from the shaft seals, front crank seal, rear main or oil pan (hard to tell), steering box...
  8. majdomo

    craigslist  1994 FZJ80 3x locked in Orange County

    Not mine, not affiliated, and not sure if it’s still around…
  9. majdomo

    For Sale  NM/NA LA / OC: 1994 lifted / locked / 167K miles $22k

    Not mine, not affiliated, just passing this along. Needs more photos, imo.
  10. majdomo

    craigslist  1996 LX450 Locked - 213K in Los Angeles

    NM/NA, asking $16,000. $20,000 (!!) STILL needs more photos...
  11. majdomo

    SOLD  NM/NA - $11k 94 3x locked cloth Madison, WI

    Not mine, not affiliated but I’d get after this quick for $11K: EDIT - looks like this may be the same rig already listed here on Mud. FYI.
  12. majdomo

    Wanted  ISO: Collectors Edition Floor Mats (Gray)

    Looking for floor mats for my 97. I really just need the driver's side, but would look at an entire set if available, in gray. Thanks in advance!!
  13. majdomo


    Alright... months of Craigslisting, Facebooking, Mudding and looking high and low, this popped up in my FB feed last night. It was up for all of 30 minutes, before I was able to haul down the freeway to check this out. BUT, it’s official, this n00b and long-time lurker finally found his 3x...
  14. majdomo

    SOLD  NM/NA 1986 FJ60 in So Cal

    Good looking truck. Checked it out yesterday, loved it but really made me realize I need an 80. Seller is an awesome guy, may have another buyer in line but thought I’d post for y’all.
  15. majdomo

    Wanted  80 in CA!

    I posted this on an old question I asked in the 100 F/S thread, moving to the right spot. Glad for this community and your knowledge of these trucks! Found a 175k mile 91 locally with a great interior but an unknown oil leak and in need of paint on the roof and hood. Oil blown back from the...
  16. majdomo

    Wanted  WTB / Trade plus cash: LC for '01 4Runner

    Howdy all - looking to buy an 80 or 100 LC to replace my 2WD 3rd Gen '01 4Runner. The Runner's in amazing condition, zero rust, paint is perfect, interior perfect. Just detailed this weekend. 117k miles, did the Tundra front brake upgrade about two weeks ago (huge difference, highly...
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