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  1. krokarthecrooked

    Hey all

    I know it's been awhile and no i havent fallen off the face of the planet yet Rofl. Anyway i am now looking for a Trans and t-case or at least the t-case for a fj60 mine blew up so now im down to no cruisers that work atm
  2. krokarthecrooked

    Selling my 40

    Hey all im selling my 40 asking 1,500 for it doesnt run motor needs rebuilt lots of good parts or a project for some one 775-217-2599 Dan
  3. krokarthecrooked

    Fj60 springs

    Hey all im hunting a stock set of 60 springs any help would be great Thanks Dan
  4. krokarthecrooked

    Under body Fuel tanks

    Does anyone know of a place i can get an under body fuel tank for my 1 ton chevy Dually 4x4 i would like to put one where my spare is so i can extend my range. Any Help would be greatly appreciated \ Dan
  5. krokarthecrooked

    Heya all

    Well im Back in Fallon and working on my 60 my 80 is gonna be leaving the family and im seriously thinking about the 40 going as well. Been awhile will have to see if i can hit a meeting soon. Looking for a stock set of 60 springs if anyone has a set. Dan
  6. krokarthecrooked

    Hey all

    Hows it goin all havent forgotten about all of you just been busy with life n what not im back in Fallon and just trying to get some things done. i figured i would drop by n say Howdy
  7. krokarthecrooked

    2F motor

    Hey all im lookin for a 1980's 2f Motor running or not as long as it can be rebuilt Dan :cheers::steer::bounce::bounce2:
  8. krokarthecrooked

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Dan :cheers::steer::bounce::bounce2:
  9. krokarthecrooked

    Happ Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving All hope it's an Awesome day for all Dan :cheers::steer::bounce::bounce2:
  10. krokarthecrooked

    Walk About

    Well Gang im in Eugene Or atm i met my half sister for the first time ever was pretty cool anyway ive started my adventure n will keep you guys up to date on where im at n will try to add some Pic's here and there when i can. Dan :cheers::steer::bounce::bounce2:
  11. krokarthecrooked

    for sale 05 chevy motor n trans

    i have a 05 chevy vortec 5.3 motor n trans with wire harness n comp located in Nevada has 99000 mile on it want 1,100 for the whats listed its still in the truck if ya wanna hear it run before you buy it contact me at 775-530-4292 names Dan
  12. krokarthecrooked

    for sale 05 chevy motor n trans

    I have an 05 chevy 5.3 vortec n trans with wire harness n Comp for sale has 99000 on it and is still in truck if ya wanna hear it run asking 1,100 for it call 775-530-4292 Dan :cheers::steer::bounce::bounce2:
  13. krokarthecrooked

    80 series

    Hey all thought i would let you know that there is a 92 fj80 in Airport auto wreckers they are askin 1,850 but said they would take 1,500 for the motor is shot and it has 281,000 on the clock. looks like they are tryin to just sell the whole thing Dan :cheers::steer::bounce::bounce2:
  14. krokarthecrooked

    Walk about

    As most of you know my father passed Jan 28th what you dont know is my wife walked out me just after this and i am going to lose my house as well so im goin walk about for awhile maybe for ever not sure yet but i will be comming through nevada off and on just wanted to let everyone know what was...
  15. krokarthecrooked


    Well gang drippy is gonna get a ground up rebuild Daughter was drivin her n the steering went south n she hit a concrete irrigation ditch at 55 mph frame is shot cab is shot front axle housing bent both doors fubar. My Daughter is ok she is just bruised up n hurting but willbe ok in a about a...
  16. krokarthecrooked

    20 r carb

    I am looking for a 20 r carb need it for my 76 celica if anyone has one thats in good shape and willing to part with it let me know Dan :steer::cheers::bounce::bounce2:
  17. krokarthecrooked

    my Father

    Well gang sad news as of 2 pm yesterday my Father had a stroke and is now in Renown nueralogical icu so im goin to be visiting reno for several days for the next few days keepin a check on him and how he's doin Dan
  18. krokarthecrooked

    Wanted  Need 80 series crankshaft

    Ok all i have a 95 80 series rig and am i need of a crankshaft looking for one in good shape used or new dont really care witch one it is any help on this would be greatly appreciated Thanks Dan :cheers::steer::bounce::bounce2:
  19. krokarthecrooked

    i have a problem

    ok Gang need some tips advice or just plain help my 91 fj80 quit running while i was driving it the other day and wont start now ive checked the EFI and what not but it seems its not getting any spark and cant figure out what is causing this any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
  20. krokarthecrooked

    Happy Holidays

    Hey everyone just thought i would wish you all Happy haolidays from the Gibbs Family:cheers::steer::bounce::bounce2:
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