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    Has anyone tried swapping the V6 motor and 6-speed trans from an FJ Cruiser into an FJ60?

    I have a 2007 FJ cruiser , 6 speed manual and she runs like a champ. Today as I drove into my office, I started thinking about putting an FJ V6 and 6 speed tranny in an FJ60. So I did a search here but didn't find anything. Anyone know if this has been done? if there is a thread on it...
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    Bilstein vs OME vs Ironman shocks and springs

    I'm looking at replacing my springs and shocks on '84 FJ60. Some have suggested Ironman Performance kit - $1450 with 2" lift (0-440LBS). I've also read about OME Ultimate Kit from the fellas at cruiser outfitters. $1865. Seems legit. I run Bilstein on my 07' Fj Cruiser and love them. I'd...
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    Max tire size for stock spare wheel and storage location

    Looks like my LC has the original, factory tire on the spare. The guy I bought if from had Kumho Road Venture MT51 31x10.50R15. Can I put one on my spare and still have it fit in the carrier spot?
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    Aftermarket beige leather seats 1989 FJ60/62

    I found a full set of beige leather seats in a totaled 1989 Land Cruiser. They're in pretty good shape except it looks like there's a small little rip at the seam on the driver side. If anybody is looking for a pair let me know. I don't have any pictures but if somebody is interested I can go...
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    Dashboard swap to FJ62 from 60.

    I searched for any posts on swapping dashboards. I want the double-din stereo slot. Anyone have any links or tips on doing this? I found the 62 dash I'm going to use. Looking for list of parts needed to complete it too.
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    LED light upgrade

    I have a 2007 FJ cruiser and I had a LED headlight kit put in. I'm wondering if any of you have done the same for a FJ60? If so, what brand did you use?
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    NOOB - 1984 FJ60 - just picked her up!

    Helllo Gentz (and ladies), I finally found the LC I've been waiting for. 1984 FJ60. Body is super clean, only rust is on the driver side doors in the bottom outside corner of both. Plan on doing a little cut&buff to polish her up a bit. Came with 2" OME lift but probably 10 years old...
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