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  1. spanishforjorge

    SOLD 1HD Short Block

    Thank you, Mr Onur!
  2. spanishforjorge

    SOLD 1HD Short Block

    The engine didn’t give up the ghost. The issues with the short block are that it clearly needs to be rebuilt to be top notch again. I honestly don’t know what else to say. It’s needs new pistons for sure. Looks like there was water damage in the motor. From what I’m told, it’s nothing a rebuild...
  3. spanishforjorge

    SOLD  Price Utah : Valve Lifters for 1HDT

    8 brand new valve lifters. PN #13751-54010 TZK $55 plus shipping
  4. spanishforjorge

    SOLD  Price Utah : Oil Cooler Cover (Brand New) and Oil Cooler (Used)

    I have a brand new oil cooler cover for the 1HDFTE and 1HZ, the oil filter receiver, and a used oil cooler. $115 plus shipping Or make me an offer
  5. spanishforjorge

    SOLD  80 Series Steering Box (European)

    This steering box came off of an 80 Series chassis that was imported by a German company to the states back in November 2020. I replaced it with a new one and now have this one sitting around. It was working when I removed it but it would benefit from a rebuild. I don't know exactly what it...
  6. spanishforjorge

    SOLD 1HD Short Block

    Onur Azeri took this thing apart and found damage on the pistons. That's the extent of what I know on this block.
  7. spanishforjorge

    SOLD  1HD Short Block

    I have a 1HD short block for sale. Needs a rebuild. Looks like it's been rebuilt once before a while ago. $950 plus shipping costs. Block is located near Salt Lake City, Utah. I'll have the cylinder head that came on this block in about a week if you're interested in getting both. I also...
  8. LC


  9. LC Camper

    LC Camper

    LC camper
  10. spanishforjorge

    SOLD  79 Series Stock Seats Vinyl Great Condition

    $100 for driver and passenger seat. Buyer pays packing, shipping, and handling charges. Seats are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. :::SALE PENDING:::
  11. spanishforjorge

    For Sale 70 Series Radiator Heat Assembly 87150-60560 :: Atlanta

    I'll let this go for $175. Must sell!
  12. spanishforjorge

    For Sale 70 Series Wiring Harness for 2007 models onwards :: Atlanta

    I'll let this go for $300. Must sell.
  13. spanishforjorge

    For Sale  70 Series Radiator Heat Assembly 87150-60560 :: Atlanta

    Selling this heater assembly. It's never been used that I know of. The guy I bought it from swore it was pulled out of a vehicle that had no miles on it. That's quite literally all I know about it. Came out of a 70 Series. The foam looks mint-ish. Brand new they retail for $350 or there abouts...
  14. spanishforjorge

    For Sale  70 Series Wiring Harness for 2007 models onwards :: Atlanta

    I was sold this harness under the guarantee that it would plug and play directly into my 70 Series LC. Turns out the harness is for a later model Cruiser and isn't plug and play. If you know about harnesses or how to build your own, this may be a good option for you. I don't know which engine it...
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