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    engine startup

    Stock wiring has a wire 12v switched (hot in run) to the ballast resistor and a wire from the start position (hot while cranking) that bypasses the ballast resistor for increased coil voltage while cranking. if you only hooked up the hot while cranking wire to the coil, it will act exactly like...
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    No Spark at crank, but fires in the run position? SBC conversion with HEI, Help?

    the factory wireing at least on my 76 has a second wire running to the coil that powers it during cranking, by passing the ballast resistor. it does this because during cranking there ias a significat amount of voltage drop caused by the current draw of the starter, and leaving the ballast...
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    THanks For the info. I'll give the local dealer a call tomorrow and see if they can have one. Pappy, if I can't get one there I'll let you know, and get your spare. Simon
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Oil Fill Cap As the title would suggest, I need an oil fill cap. I'm looking for the press in style for an early 2F, so if anyone has a spare laying around I could use it. If you have one let me know what you want for it. Simon
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    Replacing Intake/ Exhaust gasket

    I was going through the same problem with the man-a-fre header on my 55. I finally traced the problem to the area right between the paired header tubes. where they where welded to the mounting plate the welder made a pass around each tube individualy but not around the assembled pair. This...
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    I need front disk brakes!! I have a complute front axle out of a 79 FJ55 if your still looking for a disc front. I'm in St. Louis, MO. I don't know what it will cost to get it to you, -shipping may be prohibitive. Let me know if your interested. Simon you can PM me or call if you like. cell...
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    screws An impact driver is one of the best tools for getting old screws out. Yous should definately get one they're availably from many distributers (Sears, most auto part stores, snap-on,...) It will not necessarily get a totaly stripped screw out but if you use it before the screw it totaly...
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    Aftermarket carb question

    The closest place to the carb to get 12V is the lead that went to the ICO (Idle Cut Off) solinoid. So basicly you should not have to run any wires just plug the choke to the ICO wire that went to the factory carb.
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    Won't start

    OK. Another attempt. I'm assumint the radio is wired through the ignition, right? if it is. I think this is the trigger wire going to the starter solonoid that is the problem. this howerever doesn't explain the non lighting lights. my FJ55 however has no indicator lights on the dash. I...
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    Won't start

    If the engine doesn't crank I would diagnose this first don't worry about the ignition untill it will crank over. You say the battery is good. If it only clicks when you try to start this indicates a low voltage condition. Either the battery is not fully charged (try jump starting it) to...
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    Wanted 4.10 fine spline diff needed

    OEM Steel Rims I have a set on a 79 parts truck I would be willing to part with. I was thinking $150+shipping for four or five. I know I have four on the truck there is a fifth wheel in the truck that I would need to verify fits with the disc brakes. if so you are welcome to it as well. They...
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    Wanted 4.10 fine spline diff needed

    OEM Steel Rims I have a set on a 79 parts truck I would be willing to part with for a reasonable price $150+shipping for four. they would probably need a repaint, but they're solid. I dont know If you're in a hurry or not but they are down on my parents land so it could take a bit to get them...
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    death wobble

    don't know for sure but the only other thing I can think it may be is the steering damper, or maybe wheel bearings, if they're loos they could cause it to shake too.
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    electrical problems, again

    It sounds like the alternator or regulator (probably built in to the alternator - depends on year. the easiest thing to do is start you cruiser and use a volt meter to check voltage at the battery while it is running. You may need to hold it just off idle for a true reading. At any rate you...
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    2F Valve spring SST

    I did the head on my 2F about 7 years ago and don't remember it using anything special. when you said the standard one wouldn't work where you refering to the class 1 lever set-up GM V8s or did you try the one that looks like a big C-clamp? I thought I sed the C-clamp type. Of course you can...
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    Curb weight of an FJ55 and towing an FJ55

    Iflat towed a 55 with a 55 about 130 miles. didn't do to bad.
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    I had a heck of a time getting my MAF 6-1 to seal to the head too. I finaly had to take it off and make a couple passes with a mig to build it up and then filed it down smooth. the problem is where the paired pipes (2-3, and 4-5) are welded to the long plate. when they weld these pipes in...
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    2F Valve Adjustment ?

    Use the line, it indicates top dead canter. The ball is for ignition timing. :givemebeer:
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    Steering difficulties - need help

    does it always try to turn the same way when accelerating and always the opposite when decelerating. if it is always the same it sound like the lock-rite is only engaging on oue wheel. check both front hubs and make sure they both are locked in and working correctly. did you put the front on...
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    For Sale 16" Toyota Split Rims

    I've got a set too. In St. Louis, MO. If someone wants some and doesn't want to have to drive to Calli.
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