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  1. J

    Wanted Wanted: Landcruiser FJ62 in Texas

    Your inbox if full.
  2. J

    FJ60 Fj62 parts

    If your have an extra, I'm looking for a '62 center console assembly(grey interior) and a windshield washer reservoir(no cracks of course) Thanks
  3. J

    Where does this go?

    awesome Kurt, Wow, what customer service. I'm good to go then. Yes I ordered the Marlins. Now I can dream about wheelin and not re-doing this project. Thanks guys
  4. J

    Where does this go?

    I sent Kurt an email to see if he sent me the stock inner axle seal along with the Marlin Crawler. The one I put in looked a lot like the one I took out with the metal ring(spring) and everything and it fit perfectly. That would be a bummer but I would prefer that than re-doing the entire...
  5. J

    Where does this go?

    well that wasn't the news I wanted to hear. I put seals in the axle. Seated them and everything. Are there two that go in each side? I am seriously refraining from using four letter words on this post right now.
  6. J

    Where does this go?

    trying to figure out this picture thing.
  7. J

    Where does this go?

    Didn't know how to change a battery last year :) and now about to finish a rebuild on my front third, knuckles, and hubs. Never came across these in disassembly but these spacers(?) were in my rebuild from Kurt. I am not referring to the conical nut or snap ring. They are too small to fit on...
  8. J

    Wanted Want To Buy: 30 spline locking hubs for an '88 fj62

    Georg, Thanks for the reply. I do have a knuckle rebuild kit waiting for me to start the assembly. I will PM you about the hub though.
  9. J

    Wanted Want To Buy: 30 spline locking hubs for an '88 fj62

    PM'ed about the hub
  10. J

    Wanted  Want To Buy: 30 spline locking hubs for an '88 fj62

    When rebuilding my front 3rd and knuckles I found that some PO work left my passenger hub in bad shape. I need to find at least one new hub though to get my rig back on the road.
  11. J

    60 Air Conditioning

    Unless you see a problem with the hoses, the old ones should be fine. I just did the conversion to R134 when I replaced my compressor and dryer. I went with Rex and glad I did. He was very helpful when I had a few questions during installation. Since I had it apart, I flushed my hoses...
  12. J

    Wanted WantToBuy: '62 front DS

    I just send you a PM.
  13. J

    Front Driveshaft fix

    Thanks for the information. I will call Georg and the driveline supply in Hurst. I have a few other mud offers for used ones too. Hopefully I can get some of my driveline vibration fixed, new 3rd member will do the rest when I have the cash.
  14. J

    Wanted WantToBuy: '62 front DS

    Thanks. I tried cruiser outfitters and they said they didn't have any. I contacted them first since I will be using them for a new 3rd member this Spring.
  15. J

    Front Driveshaft fix

    The yoke on my front FJ62 driveshaft is bent. I need to either find a good used one, have a local machine shop replace then balance my DS, or find a new one. Any suggestions from the local cruiseheads?
  16. J

    Wanted  WantToBuy: '62 front DS

    The yoke on my front DS is bent. Anyone know where I can find a used/new one or should I let local machine shop have a go and then spin and balance it afterwards? Thanks JScott
  17. J

    U-bolt/add-a-leaf question

    glad I read the thread as well. I'm about to do the same thing.
  18. J

    Looking for some used springs

    Thanks. I will take a close look and then should know exactly what I will need. Appreciate the help.
  19. J

    Best route to Moab

    Even though Nick has already left, I will throw my .02 in. Hwy 491 isn't the best quality, being a reservation road. Certainly flat compared to some of the other options I have driven but constant up and down swells in the road. There are lots of pull offs if you need to sleep for a few...
  20. J

    My New FJ60...Quick resto with pics

    It always great to see somebody's efforts to restore. Very nice. Good idea on cheap cargo carpet. I'm about to do the same.
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