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  1. gonzopancho

    Champion Wheel has suspended operations

    Milan Garrett, the owner of Champion Wheel, died (suddenly, apparently) on 30 June 2019. The family doesn't seem to know how, or want to, carry on. They're not accepting any new orders for conversions. Their Facebook page currently has this as a pinned post: Champion Wheel USA July 2 ·...
  2. gonzopancho

    MUDShip  5 tires / wheels 92082 (valley center, N San Diego) to 78728 (Austin, TX)

    Five New 35 x 12.5x17 KM3 BFG Tires mounted on Icon Rebound 17 x 8.5 Rims Can help on gas.
  3. gonzopancho

    For Sale  Durango 1976 FJ55 LandCruiser - built (not mine)

    Saw this on CL, though it was an interesting 'hardcore' build. Putting it here, will full pics, because... the crowd wants that. Price is $14,500. ----- 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-55 TBI 350 -...
  4. gonzopancho

    For Sale  1972 FJ55 Los Gatos, CA (not mine)
  5. gonzopancho

    For Sale  1972 FJ55 in Northern California (not mine) CL ad says original BTB build. $9500. Not mine.
  6. gonzopancho

    For Sale  Apparently, War Pig is for sale
  7. gonzopancho

    Desk toys

    Print & assemble your own. FJ55 Land Cruiser (Rolling Model) « (has a ambulance door option) They’ll do custom colors for $15 with a pic.
  8. gonzopancho

    Local assist

    Hmm, club looks dead, (*) but on the chance it isn’t, is there anyone with access to a 5th wheel truck and a tow dolly? I need to move a trailer in the next 24 hours. It’s a long story, but there it is. * built a 40 in Vegas in 2004/2005, attended the local meeting and runs that summer.
  9. gonzopancho

    Wanted  LR/RH Toyota OEM 80 series seat heater switches (Horizontal)

    84751-60040 Horizontal LH 84751-60030 Horizontal RH
  10. gonzopancho

    Brass & TEQ

  11. gonzopancho

    heater duct / firewall grommets / headlight glare

    So I'm driving the pig, and it's a wee bit cold. No heater. The rear heater has no power (straight-forward to fix), but the front heater has no running fan (no idea how deep that goes), but worse, there is no connection between the blower motor and the heater. SOR calls this piece a...
  12. gonzopancho

    (finally) drove the pig today

    Sooper Sweet! Front discs, slotted rotors, TLC super calipers (came off the 62). Much fun. Maybe Texas will see clear to send me a Texas title someday soon and I can put plates on it.
  13. gonzopancho

    FJ142 in the making

    The work is being done at @green grass hopper's shop. Early stages. The FJ62 has been my wife's since 2005. Plan is a 1FZ-FE + A442F.
  14. gonzopancho

    For Sale  77 FJ55 - Craigstlist (El Paso, TX) NOT MINE

    Spotted this, posted it here. CL ad says $20K OBO Restored and Ready to go 1977 LANDCRUISER FJ55
  15. gonzopancho

    These two finally headed to Austin tomorrow.

    Finally, all four cruisers will be in the same place. The 40 and 62 have sat in Las Vegas for the past 7 years, after having been daily drivers in Hawaii for over 5 years. Now the real fun of restoration begins.
  16. gonzopancho

    Wanted  92 FJ80 oil pressure gauge

    I plan a trip into the dash soon, and mine doesn't work. (Replaced the sender, but I believe the gauge burnt out.) Would like to buy just the gauge.
  17. gonzopancho

    Rear window mechanicals

    So, I'm apparently missing a few pieces on my rear window. From what I can tell, there is a channel in both sides fo the tailgate that the window must ride in, and there is a channel that the rollers in the regulator attach to, which in-turn, apparently attach via the clips in the track that...
  18. gonzopancho

    Wanted  74 side markers + fender emblems

    Title says it all, really.
  19. gonzopancho

    1974 Pua'a

    Got in-touch with @FryingPansterdam, and eventually flew out to Taos to look her over last weekend in April, bought her (still waiting on a title), and shipped her. She arrived today. Sale thread: For Sale - 1974 FJ55 Original build thread by @Cruiser Innovations: 74' FJ55 Build... In the...
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