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  1. bhicks

    Hilux Surf B-Pillar Badges

    It's been a while since we released the 1st Gen 4Runner b-pillar badges and they have sold really well. Throughout this entire time we have constantly been getting asked to develop the same badges for the Hilux Surf. We finally had a some free time to do that and released them today. Not sure if...
  2. bhicks

    Cup Holders for the pick up? (89-94)

    I have been working on developing a single cup holder and double cup holder for the 2nd Gen 4Runner (1990-1995). I have gotten a lot of requests to expand my product line for the 2nd gen guys. As I did some research I noticed that the console of the 89-94 pickup has similar to identical features...
  3. bhicks

    Electrical Gremlins. New Alternator?

    So my 97 is having an endless downward spiral of electrical issues. When I first picked it up the cabin over head lights didn't work. I checked all fuses, harnesses, door switches, and wires and found nothing wrong. Within a few months the 12volt cig plug on the dash stopped working. About a...
  4. bhicks

    I need a 91-94 80 to test fit a prototype for 15 minutes

    I'm looking for a local 91-94 80 series to test fit my new phone mount design. If it fits correctly then the prototype is all yours for free. Anyone out in the IE? I'm near Yucaipa and Forest Falls. Here's a link to the thread with info on the prototype. 91-94 Dash Phone Mount?
  5. bhicks

    91-94 Dash Phone Mount?

    Ever since I released the 95-97 dash bezel/phone mount a couple years ago, I have been getting bugged to make one for the 91-94 dash. There isn't the ideal space like on the later dash so I put off this project until I had a good chunk of time to dedicate to it. I'm finally in my slow season and...
  6. bhicks

    Wanted  81-84 FJ40 Center Console

    I need an 81-83/4 FJ40 center console to wrap up my ashtray and cup holder design. This is the larger plastic console that has the ashtray on the back with the rear heat under it. I don't need any of the rear heat components. Just the plastic console/top. I am willing to buy it, rent it, or...
  7. bhicks

    Man-A-Fre Control arm bushing failure

    So the rubber bushing on my rear MAF control arms are literally falling apart. I have been getting a real bad driveline clunk on acceleration and deceleration and found out the MAF upper and lower bushings outback are junk. The entire axle is rotating back and forth in the bushings. They have...
  8. bhicks

    Big Bear Run NEW DATE 7/7/18

    Updating old thread with new date. See my last post.
  9. bhicks

    Educate me on KDSS and the GX

    I have owned quite a few Toyota SUVs over the years but never a GX470. My buddy came to me this week and asked if I would help him find a GX470. He loved the LX470 I drove and wanted something just like it but a little smaller. The GX seemed like the perfect answer. He wanted 4WD and a V8 with...
  10. bhicks

    More Cup Holders?

    I have been getting asked for years from the 40 guys to make them cup holders. I just have not had the time to get to this project until now. I have hired a few guys to take over my other duties so I can get back to product development; the one area I actually enjoy. I need some help from you...
  11. bhicks

    Free Unused Tire

    I have the unused spare that came off my 100. I know this is an 80s section but I also know a bunch of you guys are also driving 100s. It's a Dunlop GrandTrek 275/60r18. I removed it a few years ago and it has been sitting covered up in my garage ever since. Cleaning out space and realized I...
  12. bhicks

    FREE  Free Unused Tire 275/60/18 (SoCal)

    I have the unused spare that came off my 100. It's a Dunlop GrandTrek 275/60r18. I removed it a few years ago and it has been sitting covered up in my garage ever since. Cleaning out space and realized I still have it. It's never touched pavement. Seems to be in good shape. I don't see any form...
  13. bhicks

    For Sale  80 Series ARB Front Bumper

    The ARB front bumper on my 80 is coming off next week. If interested send me a message. I wont check this thread very often. I will be replacing the ARB with a custom bumper I'm working on. I am NOT interested in shipping it. This is a local pick up only sell. I would like $600 for the bumper...
  14. bhicks

    Trail Gear Custom Bumper Design

    I didn't have the free time this time around to build a bumper from scratch. I decided to go with the Trail Gear winch mount as the starting point for my bumper. I love tube bumpers for their strength and low weight so I am going that route again on the new 80. I wasn't a huge fan of their tube...
  15. bhicks

    Cup Holder Insert needed?

    My neighbor has an FJ Cruiser and asked me if I could make her some new inserts for her cup holders. She has the factory rubber inserts but lost one and melted another in the dishwasher. I went ahead and designed a CAD file of it and printed a couple for her. She talked with some of her FJ...
  16. bhicks

    Cup Holders?

    Over the last few years I have gotten quite a few requests to make cup holders for the 70 series cruisers. Now that I have gotten through the holidays I have a little bit of time to possibly squeeze in this project. My first step is to figure out what consoles were offered over all the 70 series...
  17. bhicks

    Finally finished up the cup holders for the Tacoma guys

    I have been getting a ton of requests for cup holders for the 1st gen tacomas and they are now officially up on my site. I made two designs. One fits the automatic 2WD and 4WD and the other fits the manual 2WD and 4WD. They hold two cups, two pens, a flashlight, and a phone. They are made of ABS...
  18. bhicks

    Electrical Gremlins on the attack!!

    So the new (to me) 80 has been working through some electrical issues. I feel like I'm playing "Wack a Mole". I fix one thing and another immediately pops up. Here's the super quick condensed run down. When I first got the 80 the dome lights didn't work. I have door lights and the light on the...
  19. bhicks

    How much is this BJ70 worth?

    I have been considering picking up a 70 series diesel version for a few years now and found one local to me. I'm not going to post the ad here because last time I did that with an 80 that I liked a mud member grabbed it before I had a chance to see it. Here's the specs. It's a 1986 BJ70 2 Door...
  20. bhicks

    Anyone up for Wheelin in Big Bear Saturday 9/24?

    I'm heading up to Big Bear for a few days on camping with the new trailer and to get the new (to me) 80 out on the trail to break it in. Will run Gold Mtn. Saturday afternoon around 2:30 and may run John Bull the day before on Friday afternoon. I will have all 3 kids with me so this will be more...
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