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    "new" Yokohama Geolander M/T

    Nice aggressive tires. The sidewall looks tough also. How's their weight? The Geolander MT is one of my options. I also like the Fuel off road tires because they look similar to Toyo MT's but cheaper.
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    1991 Hilux Diesel 4x4 Motorhome Camper

    That's a cool camper! This inside is pretty spacious.
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    New here, 2019 Tacoma TRD off road

    Welcome aboard! Any mods plan?
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    Painting done

    That's a great color! I like the wheels also.
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    Extra seat / 3rd row

    Cool addition but why rear facing?
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    Wheel needed.

    Try local wheel/tire shops and junkyards also.
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    2005 Sequoia Limited Build Thread

    Nice rig! Your son is lucky to have a dad like you!
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    Stove or grill?

    We use a Coleman stove and aluminum griddle.
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    Progress Being Made...

    That's a great wheel/tire combo! Like them!
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    4Runner Sidesteps

    My buddy has Toyota Predator bars and the steps are different from that picture.
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    GX 460 new Leather or imitation leather?

    Fake leather is a good choice. It wears better and easy to clean.
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    Sidewall repair & innertube source

    Forget about fixing the sidewall. Get a new tire.
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    New 200 owner

    Congrats! Are you planning to modify your new rig?
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    4Runner/Tacoma Paint Code

    I agree that it is 6V7. I like that color also.
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    Best AT 33’s for light off road, hwy and driving our kids to all their activities on paved roads.

    To me, bfg, toyo and cooper have some of the best AT tires out there.
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    Removal of door chrome protector strips?

    Is there a ghost shading after removing them?
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    What did you do with your Tundra or Sequoia this weekend?

    I just cleaned the wheels and installed the mudflaps.
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    Skid plates

    So what did you get? If you don't do intense rock crawling, aluminum skid plates are a nice choice.
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    BFG A/T KO2, is it any good?

    Had a set of KO2's. They did perform well in the mud, rocks and dirt.
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    Wheel Condition Advice

    I used scotchbrite plus lots of elbow grease to remove the oxidation on my old american force wheels. Using a wire wheel on a drill or air tool with sandpaper can make the job easier.
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