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  1. dtt255

    Any interest in Long Ranger 48 Gallon Extra tank??

    Well looks like I am getting a Tundra. Need to start thinking of parting out my baby. Is there any interest in the Long Ranger tank w/ dual filler pipe, transfer pump, and switch? I am willing to remove it, drain it and sell it, if there is interest. Don't even have a price yet, just...
  2. dtt255

    Might be time to move on....

    Well I have had 'Eliza' since Nov of 2007. She has served me very, very well for 8 years. With over 150k on her and more mods then I can remember, it might be time to move on. It is not her heart 'engine' that is old, it is her 'body'. She breaks much easier now then she ever did. Another...
  3. dtt255

    and the Rack and Pinion issues start.... never ends :crybaby: I am having a grinding/scratching noise coming from the front left end when making left turns...only in the first 5-10 min of driving then it works itself out.... Thought it was the power steering but it seems to do it at half wheel left turn. Pump sounds...
  4. dtt255

    Toyota Delves Into The History Of Its Land Cruiser...
  5. dtt255

    Error Code P2447 Air Injection Pump Error...

    Well seems I got hit with the big issue that alot of Tundra owners are hit with. I need to figure out if it is the pump itself or the valve. There is no way in hell I am paying toyota $2k plus to fix this. No way. Now I know the service bulletin Toyota put out says it is now...
  6. dtt255

    Diagnostic or Admin screen in Nav?

    Anyone remember how to enter those modes on the nav for those of us without the 'setup' button? I cannot find my notes. Thanks DTT
  7. dtt255

    A/C not blowing hard?? READ ME!!

    Well I have had my LC since 2007 Nov...and I noticed the last year or two that the a/c was not blowing hard at all..... Don't know why....but I thought to myself...."When was the last time I changed the cabin air filter?" I don't think I EVER HAVE!!! Well changed damn easy...
  8. dtt255

    Do we have a parts guy anymore?

    Just wondering if mud has a parts guy that we can all call for parts at great prices? Anyone know? Thanks DTT
  9. dtt255

    47 Gallon Long Ranger Aux Tank installation USA 200 series...

    Ok well I decided I needed a larger I ordered the 48 gallon Aux tank from LongRanger in AU. So the total gallons would be 67..... They were great to deal with.... Here is a link to the tank and their site: Now we KNEW there were...
  10. dtt255

    Wanted FJ60 - Valve Assembly on AC Compressor

    Well seems the suction valve is broken on the AC compressor. So don't know if I can get just a valve assembly or if needed a broken compressor that I can salvage the valve off of. Here are some pictures of what I need that is broken. In need asap, so please pm or respond if available. TIA!
  11. dtt255

    Looks like another failure.....

    Ran out of gas the other day when it still said I had 1/4 tank left. Now it says I am getting 200 miles to a half a tank?!?!?! :hhmm: Yeah don't think so. Hope it is just the sending unit. She has 97300 miles on her....getting rid of the bad and broken stuff before the 100k is up!
  12. dtt255

    Diff drop ? Anyone tried?

    Has anyone tried a diff drop on their 200? Thought I saw some 'kit' someone made a while ago on here, but not sure if I am correct of not. Well Brian??? Figured you would come up with one soon :p
  13. dtt255

    King Shocks and Total Chaos Lower Control Arms

    Well here are the pics I have so far of the king shock install. The new total chaos lower control arms will be on this week. I will make sure to post pics of that also. This is the drivers side. Notice the reservoir bracket is different from the passenger side and the stock brackets they...
  14. dtt255

    eBay 2008 LC OEM USED Rear Lower Control Arms

    OEM USED Rear Lower Control Arms Listed Here: Thanks for looking!
  15. dtt255

    eBay 2008 Land Cruiser OEM Rims with center caps

    Low Reserve and good condition. Listed Here. Thanks!
  16. dtt255

    Another Bad Alternator!!!

    So I am going to Toyota tomorrow because my alternator is only putting out 11.5 this is the 2nd alternator in 95k miles! WTH is going on?!?!
  17. dtt255

    Strike Back..... Cruisers EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Anyone watch the show Strike Back on Cinemax? The government group does ALOT of their mission in the middle east and africa. Land Cruisers EVERYWHERE!! 99% of all the terrorists are driving cruisers. The heroes always are driving cruisers.....I love it! Anyone else watch it?
  18. dtt255

    Wanted FJ60 Taillight Toyota Bezel

    Pictured here: Would like one in working order and very decent shape. Please let me know with shipping to 92210. Thanks Dtt
  19. dtt255

    Removing rear door glass.....yes I searched....

    Ok everything I have read says to just remove the door panels, then lift up on the rear window and remove it towards the outside of the door. Well the front windows have the bolts holding them into the actuator...the rears show nothing, but damn I cannot pull them out. Is there a trick ??
  20. dtt255

    Wanted Front Outside Vents for FJ60

    Looking the right and left side front vents for a FJ60. Need the complete part with all the pegs for inserting in the body. Need none broken off.... Thanks!
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