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    Fj60 radio restoration

    I have possibly sourced a stock radio for my Fj60 finally. Does anyone know of a shop that can restore one, possibly with led lights? I have searched through the forum and on google with no result. Thank you in advance.
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    South American 1981 fj60

    After over a year of searching I think I have found my next Fj. I have been searching on all the popular sites here in Colombia (TuCarro, OLX, Facebook marketplace) and haven’t seen anything that impressive. Over a month ago I found a promising ad for a 1981 that looked like it was in decent...
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    For Sale Anyone knowledgeable about South American Land Cruisers?

    I am currently living in Bogota and saw this ad I thought it was interesting that that the owner claims this is all original fj62 with the 2f engine and 5spd transmission. I know obviously the wheels and paint are not...
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    Source for fj60 alternator?

    I just had my alternator fail on me and currently can’t find a source for a new or rebuilt unit. I have called oreilly, advanced auto, autozone, Olympus, Napa and Toyota and they all claim they have none in stock and they can’t even order one for me. I did some research on the forum and didn’t...
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    Need help with choke cable replacement

    I have finally gotten around to ordering a replacement choke cable for my late model 60 last week. Now that I have parts in hand I am having some difficulty figuring out the correct routing from the firewall to the carb. I did some research and have learned that the cable exits the firewall on...
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    Need help with an electrical issue

    The other day I replaced my battery and battery cables with the kit from fourrunner. While replacing the cables I noticed that the previous owner had cut out the fusible link and had the red, black and white alt wire directly wired in using a wire nut. I cut that out and ran a ten gauge wire...
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    Wanted Fj60 license plate light assembly

    Looking for a complete fj60 license plate light assembly if anyone has or knows where to get one.
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