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  1. bwesty

    *0's series Driver side mirror

    Last I checked you can still buy the OEM Toyota mirror in some colors. The cost was not unreasonable either from some sources.
  2. bwesty

    Ultimate OEM 60 series parts still in stock

    Follow on this part availability. Still available from Toyota. Picked these up today. Rear hatch stays, made in Japan. 68950-69025
  3. bwesty

    1993 Land Cruiser Pickup!

    I am not versed in 70 series at all but the rear axle housing appears to be non Toyota given what I've seen always in nearly every other series of LC so that caught my eye. Looks more like a Dana or AAM housing and center.
  4. bwesty

    1993 Land Cruiser Pickup!

    Makes sense. Following your thread now over in the 70 section. Cool rig for sure.
  5. bwesty

    For Sale Chico WA, 60 series interior

    @toy_tek rear wheel covers...
  6. bwesty

    1993 Land Cruiser Pickup!

    What is the story with the rear axle?
  7. bwesty

    Noob Fj60 delivery with questions???? NO CHOKE?

    Read your owners manual. If you don't have one definitely find one. Lots of useful information as suggested above for simple issues such as starting procedures.
  8. bwesty

    Where do I find a front differential gasket

    Toyota FIPG works great. Properly prep all surfaces and it will do the job. Agreed or the Toyota FIPG. I've found these options to hold a better seal.
  9. bwesty

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Nice! I had Pitbull Rockers on an old mini truck. Great tire for more serious 4wd use. Really liked them a lot.
  10. bwesty

    FJ60 Dash restore
  11. bwesty

    Shocks 1992 Front and Rear

    Consider OEM Tokico shocks too as an option and fair price.
  12. bwesty

    For Sale New OEM 2F/3F-E/6x/8x/1FZ-FE/Some Non-US Parts

    @toy_tek 3FE head bolts...
  13. bwesty

    Cross country trip advice

    Add in any fuses you may need, flashlight, blanket, radiator fluid, water. Keep it simple. If you're considering this drive then it's safe to say your confident in the vehicle and it's running well. I second the comment above, avoid interstate travel and you will find the drive much more...
  14. bwesty

    Roof top tent and roof rack combos

    The 60s handle weight just fine. You will need proper leaf springs and good shocks, this helps alot. Put the sway bars back on. Mount RTT low. Drive accordingly. Keep the truck low, smaller tires less lift will equate to a much nicer driving vehicle especially if you are planning on long trips...
  15. bwesty

    Builds Finally Tan 87 touched slightly.

    That turned out really nice, seats and lid!
  16. bwesty

    SOLD (6) Gamivit 30-60* Gutter Towers

    Edit - they are sold. @toy_tek these might be what you are looking for...
  17. bwesty

    charcoal canister hose part numbers

    Ok, thanks.
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