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  1. Jgrauman

    2005 Sequoia Limited Build Thread

    Did some trails this weekend with a buddy who has custom built his 2nd Gen 4runner on 39s. Those 39s made life a breeze
  2. Jgrauman

    What did you do with your Tundra or Sequoia this weekend?

    Went exploring with my buddy and his 2nd Gen sprung on 39s. First time I did any crawling with the Sequoia, did amazingly well
  3. Jgrauman

    100's Cousin (twice removed)

    So much awesome in this trip!
  4. Jgrauman

    Builds The Crispy Cruiser

    Hey, in my defense I didn't install the stereo, the po I got it from actually PAID someone to do that stereo install...
  5. Jgrauman

    TRD Rims?

    SI Motorsports give him a call, no affiliation. But he's been running the wheels for a year with no issue.
  6. Jgrauman

    TRD Rims? You want real? Put a set of knockoffs on a buddies tundra can't tell the difference, came with same center caps too. Half the price
  7. Jgrauman

    1st gen 2.5 inch lift, do I need longer brake lines and sway connects?

    Sway Bar Links :: SuspensionMAXX no longer brake lines needed
  8. Jgrauman

    100's Cousin (twice removed)

    Very nice! Looks clean. I just changed my t's this weekend. Went with the metal ones. Enjoy the road trip!
  9. Jgrauman

    Which bluetooth stereo did you buy?

    Pioneer AVH-601EX has been solid for me
  10. Jgrauman

    Intermittent CEL 25

    Yes, this was the casue of my 25/26 problem
  11. Jgrauman

    Replacing motorized antenna with fixed.

    My 05 doesn't have a spot for the antenna on the fender, it came with a windshield antenna like this one
  12. Jgrauman

    2nd Gen Sequoia with 4.7 Underpowered?

    Do the larger intake mod and you'll get a little pep back
  13. Jgrauman

    2002 Sequoia trailer running lights not working

    Was thinking the relay, sounds like that is the cause. You able to locate it?
  14. Jgrauman

    2002 Sequoia trailer running lights not working

    Give this a read. Trailer running lights aren’t getting power
  15. Jgrauman

    Realtime ODB1 Scanner for 94 FZJ

    You can also adjust the injector size on the app which depending on your engine not sure the flow rate. This will influence your miles per gallon on the app. It estimates fuel consumption based on flow rate of your injector size and I believe your TPS sensor. Of course I could be wrong on all of...
  16. Jgrauman

    Realtime ODB1 Scanner for 94 FZJ

    My understanding is that whatever speed you have calculated on the speedometer app is what all those other calculations are based off. I had 35 on my 80, I think using my GPS I had my speedometer at .967
  17. Jgrauman

    Realtime ODB1 Scanner for 94 FZJ

    You can adjust the speedometer. There is a correction in the settings. I used it and it worked well
  18. Jgrauman

    2005 Sequoia Limited Build Thread

    Lots of plans this weekend. Installing new heater tees and hoses, Plumbing in larger intake, wiring up some on board air. Will try and keep up with the pics.
  19. Jgrauman

    2005 Sequoia Limited Build Thread

    Very nice! Love the color, favorite for me. I had an fzj80 before this and a 2nd and 3rd Gen 4runner. The Sequoia is very easy to work on, I'm always on here so feel free to ask
  20. Jgrauman

    New Member 2002 Sequoia Limited 4wd

    When you lift, the sensor that detects body roll can become confused. So your stability control will kick in at strange times. Mine does on steep right hand turnes coming off the off ramps or when I drive too fast on windy back roads. You can recalibrate it for its current height or some have...
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