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    high beams???

    I would check the switch and also the relay and fuses if you haven't already. If the indicator light comes on then it very possibly could wiring/bad connection etc. What I would do is check for power at the headlight when you turn on your high beams and then trace back to the fuse block.
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    vortec advice

    Well I can tell you that our Tahoe w/Vortec 5.7 will leave my P.U w/standard 5.7 in the dust even with modifications ( exhaust, K&N etc. ). I don't think you will need it in your cruiser, the standard 5.7 w/TBI makes good enough power.
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    BIG engines

    A 383 would be a good choice but consider the drivetrain like Brian said, and yes a 383 is a 350 bored .060 over and a 400 cid crank, they even make kits to build one like in PAW. I was seriously considering one in mine but upgrading the drivetrain would get expensive.
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    stuck thermostat, or...?

    I think its pretty much the norm for it to heat up after you shut it off, the coolant stops flowing, fan stops etc. Do you have an insulator under your carb? I just wondering if its missing or replaced with something else.
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    e bay

    I've been buying stuff on e-bay for a couple of years and have never had a problem. I always check the sellers feedback for positives, also vehicle pics can be very deceiving, so if you bid make sure the seller understands if it isn't what he or she said it is then you aren't buying. I also...
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    Bed Coating Question?

    What about powder coating your frame? This is what I will probably do, it can be expensive, but if your going to do it then it should done right. The POR-15 sounds like a good product also, and if I'm not mistaken it can be applied over rust. BTW the Line-X came out awesome, they did a first...
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    SBC 350 / TH350 ?

    I, like Bailey was a manual tranny only driver for years and wouldn't touch an auto, but now that age is catching up with me plus very bad back etc, an auto is the only way to go. If you use a lock-up torque converter and opperate it off of a togggle switch it may give some engine braking since...
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    1981 FJ60 Failed Colorado Emissions

    Make sure your engine is good and hot ( normal opp. temp. ) and that your EGR valve is functioning properly. I beleive that to much cooling in the cylinder temp. will cause your CO to increase which is what your EGR does by allowing exhaust gas in to cool combustion chamber temps. There's no...
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    Who's got the cheapest R & P install kit?

    I don't know if they are the cheapest but I sure see them alot. If not them then try these guys.
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    Bed Coating Question?

    I just took my new P.U. into Line-X, it seems to be the best overall, harder than Rhino but still pliable and softer than Tufcote. Over the rail its costing me around $450.00. Rhino was $462.00 and Tufcote was $329.00  wholesale ( I got a brother in law deal ). The Line-X dealer had by far the...
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    Bed Coating Question?

    This is how it came out.
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    Bed Coating Question?

    I just used about 1-1/2 gallons of Duplicolor on my Chevy P.U bed. I sprayed Rust Stop on a few places and the Duplicolor bubbled in those spots, It went back down when it dried and now you can't tell but these were small spots so be careful what you put down first because it would ruin it for...
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    Aftermarket ditributor timing questions...

    Sounds like it might be the advance wether mechanical, vacuum etc.
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    TBI fuel line connections?? Woody help

    You should have no problem getting those, very common fittings, they do use nylon gaskets and o-rings, which you can buy in a kit.
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    thought I'd be smart wrong answer

    That sucks, electric gauges are the way to go, no oil line. This is a little off subject but in 1999 we bought a brand new Chevy Tahoe on a Sunday and on Monday my wife drove it to work. I got a phone call, wife in histerics, the Tahoes oil pressure dropped, light came on, fortunatley my wife...
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    Notice those tractor tires on the 55.
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    paint for a rack?

    I painted our con-fer with a rubberized undercoating, it's non-slip and has been durable.
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    Wow, where in Oregon is this picture taken? It's beautiful country.
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    idle problem

    It may have something to do with your choke or fuel mixture being to rich or lean. I know the fluid heat riser is supposd to take place of the original when installing headers but there may still have to be some carb adjustments needed.
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    Body mounts

    I put an Energy Suspension Hyperflex kit on my chevy P.U. and it really did stiffen up the ride, also it squeeks more but the over all performance feels better and firmer.
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